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New clothes for the old girl - drill press update

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  • New clothes for the old girl - drill press update

    A while back I had a post about finding a nice sized drill press and I promised some photos when I got a little paint on her.

    Most of the paint had blown off on the way home. No, I'm not kidding. The stuff was peeling so bad that I was sweeping it off of the trailer. And every once in a while on the drive back, I would see something blow off. I knew that I had removed all the loose stuff so it had to be the paint. And I wasn't going that fast!

    I had debated on painting; it seems similar to putting hubcaps on a tractor, mostly useless. It wasn't rusting but the paint was just hanging there begging to be pulled off. Every time I walked by I was grabbing a flake of it and tossing it into the trash.

    So I saw a needle scaler on sale at harbor freight and with a coupon it seemed to be just about the right price to try. I was impressed with the ability to knock the loose stuff off so easy with the scaler. I now have all sorts of plans for that tool.

    I built a little tent to keep the over spray down and hung it from the ceiling. I had noticed that the mornings have been quite nice in this area and had the girl prepped and tapped off for the color. The plan was to get out there first thing in the morning and drop on the paint. I suited up, covered up, and tossed on the respirator.

    I had selected gray / silver hammerite paint for the color and tried some out with a brush. It seemed ok so I got all setup and dad gave me a gun to use for the process. It is a HVLP harbor freight tough up gun and I figured that I would have to fill it up a few times but it was a small price to pay for trying it out.

    I thinned the paint down but was a bit disappointed with the way it sprayed. Unless the surface was dripping, the paint would not get the hammered finish. Oh well, I'll know next time and to be honest, it looks fine.

    The masking -

    Click for larger photo.

    The tent -

    The final product -

    Finished the wiring and spun it up for a trial run. It all seems to work well. Tomorrow I thought about finding a big chunk of steel to drill through just to give her a purpose.

    I plan to add a coolant pump to the sump. Especially since I cleaned that sump out. Yuck, there was 60+ years of crap inside.

    And I have a plan for one other feature for this. I just need to get everything together. I might even write a HSM article based on it. We will have to see.

    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.

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    Wow, that really looks nice. What is up with all of the floor space and uncluttered walls? Living in the middle of the rust belt should let you fill that place up with all kinds of good junk.


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      That does look goooood! Sounds like you feel like I do when I bring one of these old treasures back to the land of the living -- and thats a GOOD feeling! I dont think I'd even care if I couldnt find a use for one, just getting it back in all its original splendor is a real kick for me. Course I can always find something to do with a new tool!

      I'm wrapping up an oldie now (1941!), will prolly post some pics in the next few days. I had recently done the KOLee T&CG rebuild and had used the silver Hammertone on it and I liked the way it turned out - youre right, it take a bit of getting used too to make the 'hammered' effect come out, got to put it on thick enough that just before it runs, quit!

      I liked the way it came out so well I used it on this project also, cept I added some blue to it...
      If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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        Holy crap look at the size of that table! How's the tram on the old gal? She looks good for her age. Going a bit gray but a gentleman would never mention it


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          Nice job but I assume you wont be doing any micro drilling on that beast!!

          I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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            I have yet to accurately check the tram on it. It would be a chore to make an adjustment to it although not impossible.

            Yes, the floor space is a curse. Pushing a broom around can take all day if you let it. As for room for more machines, they are out there, I just have not found them yet. Heck, I have more salvage stuff off on one side that you cant quite see. Here is a shot of the entire place after the ceiling was done.

            Click for larger photo.

            Its from the top corner and everything to the right is supplies, wood, steel, leftovers and throw-outs. Then, to the left, behind he wall, is the other half of the shop! The property tax man ($#%&%!) loves me.

            Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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              Wow Rock, what a transformation from the original post picture.

              I'll bet the guy you purchased it from will give you your money back

              Do you have 3ph there?



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                I'm running a rpc that I built from a pump motor found at the place I once worked. Its on the other side of the shop wall with the air compressor. Once the insulation is in that wall I hope to have a bit more peace and quiet, aside from the normal metal cutting sounds.

                I have thought about making a smaller rpc. My current one is a 15 hp continuous duty motor. I could easily move down to a 5 hp and I think that I have the motor sitting around here somewhere. Projects projects.

                Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                  Very, very nice.

                  You Rust Belt folks have all the toys!



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                    Originally posted by dp
                    Holy crap look at the size of that table!
                    I know huh.. I love the size of that table!!!! JR
                    My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group