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the incredibly annoying right-hand glove conspiracy

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  • the incredibly annoying right-hand glove conspiracy

    what is the deal with right-hand gloves wearing out? i must have ten "pairs" of gloves laying around my house with the right one falling apart and the left one perfectly usable. yes, i am right-handed, but my wife is left-handed and her right-hand gloves wear out as well. in fact, one time i ordered some gloves and liners and was sent two left-hand liners and no right-hand ones! sort of like a pre-worn-out option.

    i am talking winter gloves, military gloves, work gloves, cotton gloves, all kinds of gloves.

    does anyone know of a place where i can just order a bunch of right-hand gloves to make a few matched sets so i can continue wearing these things instead of throwing half of the pair away?

    andy b.
    The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining

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    At least you can wear yours out! I always lose my right hand idea where they go...the new owner of this place will likely find a few dozen right hand gloves buried someplace....I'll do the right thing and leave the lefthanded ones for him
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      Try the place the Micheal Jackson fans buy theirs.
      It's only ink and paper


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        Hah! I was thinking exactly the same thing a couple of days ago! I too am the victim of a vast right glove conspiracy ( to paraphrase Hillary Clinton). I must have at least half a dozen left handed gloves that are missing their mates due to wear. I'm too cheap to throw the stupid things out. I guess I must be somewhat delusional, as I hold out hope that some day I'll strike the mother lode of right handed gloves, or that I'll have some task that requires the use of my left hand to the extent that I'll wear out all the lefties I've collected. Not only do the right handers seem to wear out before the lefts, they seem to wear out very quickly.


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          Andy and Russ, I see countless numbers of orphan gloves every week. A glove on top the fuel pump, one in the street, on a plllet , with a roll of hose, next to a dumpster. They must hate who they are paired with so they sneak off to be alone. If You Guys would like, I could start picking them up and send each of You a box .



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            I read a story once that Herbert Hoover was on a speaking tour, speaking from the back of the train. As the train pulled out of one town he dropped a glove, one of an expensive pigskin pair. Instantly he pulled the other one off and threw it down to lie by the first. Seeing the astonished looks of his companions he said, "There's nothing more frustrating than finding only one glove."
            "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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              I can understand loosing the righthand glove but wearing out as a leftie that is strange!

              I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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                As long as your hand isn't in a lost glove you are OK.


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                  Decades ago ....

                  I solved one mystery about where all the right handed rubber gloves went..

                  Worked in a Small Arms Shop in Germany.. Lots of Stoddard Solvent and Lubricants...

                  Problem: only Left hand rubber Gloves....

                  Found: when taking gloves off. Soldier naturally removed (sorry leftys) Right hand glove, by using left hand to pull it off, and thus turning insideout, creating a mystery left hander..

                  Unmarked, lowest bidder, glove supplier of course

                  Even my TIG and SMAW welding gloves, seem to take beating on RH tho...

                  Honest, I only needed to look at that 900 F degree part for a second, before I set it down
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                    I seem to have the opposite problem, at least with welding gauntlets, it's the Left glove which wears out first or goes missing. I'm right handed, so it's a bit of a mystery. Another Transatlantic difference, perhaps?



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                      Strange, Glove Twilight Zone

                      My State used to have 3 time zones now just one, maybe GB had to kind of fill in the holes

                      From Wiki:
                      The original Alaska time zone was actually known as Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time Zone; that zone is now known as Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone.

                      The Alaska Time Zone is what was previously known as the Yukon Standard Time Zone (YST). However, the Yukon Territory switched to the Pacific Standard Time Zone in 1975 and the time zone was not used (except for Yakutat) until 1983 when the state of Alaska decided to move most of the state to UTC−9. Prior to that the Alaska Panhandle communities were in the Pacific Time Zone, while most of the interior was on UTC−10. Nome and the Aleutians previously observed Bering Standard Time or UTC−11.


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                        Try using the other hand on Friday nights.



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                          thanks guys, at least it seems i am not alone.
                          maybe i need to set up a wayward glove web page so right-handers and left-handers can register what they have and what they need and start a global glove swap. then again, who knows where those gloves may have been.

                          andy b.
                          The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                            Just out of curiosity, you have this problem with your shoes as well? If not, I'd have to say Doozer is onto something
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