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    Ok, just got hitched. Been with her 13 years already.
    Never wore a ring before. Feels strange having something on my ring finger.
    I recall reading horror stories about rings getting caught ? Does everyone take these off when in the shop ?

    Mine is suppose to be carbide, plain, simple, heavy.

    How much risk is there to wearing this in my shop ?


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    I always took mine off and stuck it in my watch pocket. These days my finger has swelled so sometimes I can't get the ring off...and it always makes me extremely nervous.
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      I was an auto mechanic when I got married 32 yrs. ago, my ring is still laying in a drawer. It looks brand new, I did wear it occasionally for the first few yrs. It won't fit now.


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        Got mine caught once at work on a machine and it scared the crap out of me. I started to take it off when I got to work. Then I would forget to put it on when I went home. Not cool according to the wife.

        Then I was wiring something (I don't even remember) and I got close to a bus bar in a box. That sealed it. It was put on the dresser at home, I told the wife that it was not worth loosing my finger and she agreed. The vowels are what keep us together, not the ring. But I will put it on when we get dressed up or go out for a nice evening.

        In the end the choice is yours, just stay safe.

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          Mine sitting in with my wife's jewelry. I haven't worn it in years. She understands's just not safe, and the last thing I want to do is loose it because I took it off at work.


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            The probability of injury or worse is proportional to the sum of all the risks you take. Eliminating unnecessary risks reduces the probability. Your wife would probably be happy if you wear it on a thin chain around you neck, inside your shirt. She might even think it's cute.



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              From the view point of a nearly 52 years married person it won't
              matter after a few years but in the meantime try to keep her happy.
              Both of our hands have gotten to the point that the rings wouldnt fit
              on either of us. They all just sit in a box somewhere. :-)


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                I don't wear jewellery of any sort and especially not rings.

                If you want to know why just follow this Google search to the links it turns up.

                Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                  I wore mine for a month or 2 after we wed and honestly I was just trashin it, scratched, constantly out of round, took it off and I'd be hard pressed to even find it now........

                  A fella I worked with wore his and worked structural steel and slipped one day and it hooked a bolt, damned near ripped his finger off but it slowed his descent for enough seconds for his partner to grab him back to safety.....I suspect it's like wearing seatbelts with similar stories and odds.......
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                    I never wear jewelry, of any kind. Seen too many guys get ripped up pretty bad when a ring or a watch or necklace gets snagged on something....I used to wear a wristwatch, but it kept getting smashed, so I stopped wearing one.

                    Saw a fellow mechanic working under the dash of a truck one day....Shorted his wedding band across a couple of hot switch terminals...Melted the band right into his finger, almost burned it completely off....I'll bet it hurt like hell.
                    Gold is a very good conductor of electricity.

                    Had an industrial arts teacher in high school who used to expound endlessly about shop safety.....Two years after I graduated, he made the mistake of trying to walk through the propeller of an idling wasn't pretty.
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                      My wife and I were married in '72, while I was still in the military. I had just returned from a fun-filled year in South East Asia. After our wedding, we moved to my new assignment in Texas to finish out my remaining nine months working on aircraft communications/cryptography systems in C-130's.

                      The first day before reporting for "work", I removed my wedding band and put it on the dresser. My wife was devastated and cried her eyes out. I tried to explain it was sooooooo dangerous for me to wear it 'at work', but to her the danger of wearing it seemed to be marginal compared to the threat removing it posed to her. Any price for peace, the ring went back on.

                      A month later I'm in the belly of a 130 and get the ring across an exposed 28 VDC buss. The ring turned red and my finger fried. Luckily the gold was soft enough I could break the ring free, but the damage was done. My finger was a mess for months and permanently messed up.


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                        Originally posted by rockrat
                        ............ The vowels are what keep us together, not the ring. ................
                        Maybe that's where we screwed up. We took vows, maybe vowels would have worked better

                        My ring was ordered 1 size small and popped over my finger joint as we walked down the isle on Jan 26th, 1970. It has never been off for any reason. Yes, I've had to be damn careful because of it. That don't have to mean anything to anyone but me and it means a great deal to me. Unless some mortician really just has to have it, I expect to be planted with it on.
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                          I wore mine for 15 years. One night we went out to dinner with some friends and I felt something unusual at my ring finger, looked down and noticed that the ring was broken. Took it to a jeweler to be repaired and they said it is too tight for me so they resized it. Now it is really loose, so I quit wearing it. She now has it in her jewelrybox, bless her heart.



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                            Originally posted by Your Old Dog
                            Maybe that's where we screwed up. We took vows, maybe vowels would have worked better
                            Ha! Missed that one.
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                              i leave mine in al the time wife takes a fit every time i take it off so i just leave it on