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warning off topic American health care debate very interesting off topic

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  • warning off topic American health care debate very interesting off topic

    See this I was fascinated at the way health care is being denied to millions of Americans for greedy shareholders.Now you were warned it was off topic twice so read on please without complaint that its off topic
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Stirring the pot again are you?
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      Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
      See this I was fascinated at the way health care is being denied to millions of Americans for greedy shareholders.Now you were warned it was off topic twice so read on please without complaint that its off topic
      It may not be known overseas that Bill Moyers has been a democrat party operative for years and so does not see solutions from a centrist perspective. While shooting the messenger is never acceptable, it is frequently difficult to see where Moyers is the message carrier or the message writer, or both. This is in part caused by his having a consistent message over the years and access to the message delivery mechanism known as public television.

      By introduction:

      After receiving his journalism degree in 1956, he spent a year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland on a Rotary International fellowship. In 1957 he entered the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a divinity degree and becoming an ordained minister in 1959. He briefly accepted a lectureship in Christian ethics at Baylor University. "I thought it was a call to the ministry," Moyers later told one interviewer, "but actually it was a wrong number."

      Senator Lyndon Johnson invited Moyers to work on his 1960 presidential campaign. When Johnson eventually was named to be John F. Kennedy's vice presidential running mate, Moyers became LBJ's executive assistant.

      After Kennedy was elected President, Moyers in 1961 became associate director of public affairs, and then deputy director, of JFK's new Peace Corps. After Kennedy's assassination in November 1963, Moyers rushed to Lyndon Johnson's side and became the new President's special assistant.

      In LBJ's White House, Moyers supervised the task forces that shaped the legislation of the vast welfare expansion known as the Great Society. Moyers also orchestrated the 1964 political campaign of calculated defamation against Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. Moyers personally green-lighted the notorious "daisy ad" that featured a little girl plucking daisy petals as a countdown leads to her vaporization in a nuclear blast, presumably what would happen if Goldwater were elected.

      In 1965 Moyers was promoted to the position of President Johnson's Press Secretary. In 1967, however, Moyers and Johnson had a personal falling out and they never spoke to one another again.

      Thereafter Moyers was named publisher of the suburban New York newspaper Newsday. Moving the publication farther to the political left, he turned it into a literary salon that invited writers such as Saul Bellow to be its correspondents. Moyers left in 1970 when Newsday was acquired by the then-conservative Los Angeles Times.
      You have to judge the importance and affect of his history in his contemporary work using your own life experience. I'm just the messenger


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        Well whatever you think Evan your never wrong but it's an interesting debate sorry you didn't know that go back to google they'll be missing you your away from it by about two minutes aren't you and at least I#m not trying to take advantage of anyone elses divorce misery by trying to get his lifetimes collections of tools on the cheapAlistair
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        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Health care could be affordable if we'd just get the trial lawyers out of it.

          I know a ob/gyn who pays significantly more for his insurance than he makes in his practice. Being one of the delivery specialists for a hospital (he delivers something like 2000 kids a year) is probably why he makes so little money - god help you if a kid doesn't squirt out properly. It's a wonder anyone agrees to do it anymore... "Go deliver your own baby so you can't sue me for doing it wrong."

          Ever notice how many politicians are lawyers? Get them out of washington, and we working folk might stand a chance.

          bama's belief that the successful people somehow have an obligation to the non-working poor is obscene.


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            The patient needs to return to the role of customer. When that was lost, all was lost.

            I also think George should pull the switch on this one as it's been beat to death before.


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              I did say it was off topic twice anyway George if this is not as interesting as some of the other stuff of topic printed here then by all means pull it I won't be offended it does seem strange how some people get annoyed by such a democratically debated subject either agree with whet the guys says or not don't bury your head in the sand and pretend that this is not a subject fit for debate.It seems to me millions of people being thrown off the register for health insurance because the insurance companies investors aren't making enough profit was a fair and democratic point to discuss .Alistair
              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                If our politicians come up with a plan I for one will only go along with it on one condition-

                They must be forced to use the same system they have designed for me.

                But they won't,the bastards will force an expensive rationed system on us while they enjoy they're gold plated system.

                I do wonder what will happen to the Dems once they're largest voting block ends up under rationed care Chairman O will end up collecting his retirement 4 years early
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  At least his retirement is rationed. None of this lifetime benefits and SS protection crap like they used to have.

                  I'd like him to return his pay too - he's spent far more than anyone he ever complained about in his campaign. BO: "Change - you won't have any of that left after I'm done with ya."


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                    Alistair - I would much rather go off topic with you about turning blackwood for my practice chanter mouthpiece. I've never made one or turned blackwood, or ever made a chanter, but I think it would be very interesting.

                    The US health care system is greatly misrepresented, difficult to understand, and is what it is because we as a nation have not conscripted ourselves to provide universal health care by law. The good news is the streets of America are not littered with the bodies of those who have no access to health care because those without health care are not all that common. That changes when considering catastrophic health problems, but that is true everywhere.

                    And more importantly, it has nothing at all to do with HSM. I'd be happy to open a BBS site to discuss health care problems endlessly if there's enough interest. I've often wondered how such a site would go if it had no central topic. In such a site everything would be topical. My guess is it would quickly turn to sex and porn.


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                      DP you could be correct maybe it is too late to change certainly we will not see in America a uk type of system but this guy staggered me by the fact that many many millions of Americans have no access to health care sorry but I find that so sad in this age.And do I understand it all hell no hence this debate to see if I can learn what is going on not to lecture to anyone I am simply bemused,that More decent Americans don't do something about this type of shoddy practice sorry.Surely something has to be done.?.Alistair
                      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                        You have got to admire a man who is willing to stand up and speak a truth-- especially when he has retired I can understand that.
                        Private health insurance. I figure that if you're in the game of selling said cover then you want your client base to be as healthy and wealthy as possible. Why would you want the poor and sick on your books? It is a game for profit afterall, not a community welfare programme.
                        I mean welfare as- to be caring for.
                        We used to have a public health system that worked well---until private insurance made inroads here.
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                          D P maybe thats why a private system might not be best.I suppose some people think that lazy non working mainly Black people will get benefits at their expense , but the system is showing that anyone is liable to be cut off without healthcare.Now that's also wrong so why not make changes to the system to make sure most ordinary middle class Americans don't suffer like this beacuse of corporate greed and if you need help with a chanter ask me Alistair
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Why do you feel the need to racially bias your determination of who will be mooching the system?

                            There's probably far more poor white trash by volume than blacks, hispanics, or any other ethnicity. In fact, I welcome the Mexicans who come here to work, because every freaking one of them I've met wants to work for a better life than they had in Mexico. Get them on the books, teach them English (at their expense) and put them in the tax base.

                            If only we could also deport the lazy Americans - we could populate the nation with productive citizens and then maybe the working people wouldn't feel so pinched.


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                              Don't let anyone bull$hit you, we already have free health care for the lame and lazy plus for Illegal immigrants.

                              Its the working poor who get screwed, even then they can get coverage for thier kids if they dont make too much.