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Norman Atkinson to the white courtesy phone please

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  • Norman Atkinson to the white courtesy phone please

    It occurs to me Norman hasn't posted for a month. Anyone talk to him lately?

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    Sent you a PM Tony...
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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      Best wishes

      Thanks Tony.

      I'd be interested in an answer to your question.

      I was going to PM or email Norm several times as he has had (last I heard) a "bad trot" medically - and may still be having it. I did not want to "intrude" as I thought he would let us know in due course - assuming that he could or wanted to.

      I am interested in the welfare of Norm and I am NOT interested in opinions about Norm's opinions as they are separate matters that should be addressed separately.

      I am quite aware of the "goings on" when Norm last posted here.

      Norm, if you are "listening" please either let us all know by posting here or PM or email me personally.

      I hope that all is well.


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        Another member recently told me that Norman asked the moderators to remove/unsubscribe him from the forum membership - for about the fifth time - and apparantly on this occasion he got his wish.


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          Thanks Peter.

          As in all things - be careful what you wish for - you might just get it.