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  • Has Anyone Else Noticed...

    That the banner ads here no longer flash?

    Thank you to whoever took notice of the complaints!

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    They don't flash on my screen, either, because I have them blocked altogether. )


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      No, I didn't notice but then I use Firefox and ADBLOCK plus so I never see those very annoying ads anyway-flashing or otherwise!


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        Yes! Thank you! I really enjoy the minimal advertising here, as opposed to all the advertising on the PM. But we won't start down that road again...


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          The credit for the change in the ad belongs to the folks at Tool Zone. Shortly after the last thread on this subject they requested a change to the present ad.

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            Advertisers need to realize that while an ad like that may draw attention it most of the time will get results just the opposite of what they want, folks tend not to buy the items or anything else from companies that annoy them!


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              Kudos to the ToolZone folks! So now, for the first time, I've actually clicked on the ad, and I've bookmarked their site for further examination.


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                No more flashers? Excellent! I shall disable AdBlock for this site now.
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                  I dont mind ads if they dont slow the site down to much but some sites can take up to 30 secs to access then another 30 secs to get into the section I want then another 30 secs to get to another thread.
                  Adds can be a great help to see whats new on the market and can be very informative for new techniques that any type of machinist may be able to utilise.


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                    I have ads blocked also and after reading this I looked up Tool Zone's site and now have it saved for future use.

                    If more companies were that considerate ads wouldn't need to be blocked in the first place.



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                      It was I that complained and I am glad to see that the advertiser took notice and appropriate action. That speaks well for their responsiveness to customer concerns and is itself a good indication that they are likely to provide customer satisfaction. Having spent about 35 years in direct daily contact with the end users of the products I maintained and/or sold I know how easy it is to upset a customer and how hard it is to win them back.

                      Good job.

                      I'll relate another small incident that just happened to me. I just purchased a new digital camera online directly from Canon. I went to the Canon web site via a sponsored link on Google. Sponsored links generally contain a one sentence micro ad to get your attention. The content of that is the responsibility of the advertiser, not Google.

                      The link I used proclaimed "Free shipping in Canada for orders over $100". When I ordered the product I was told that there would be a $20 shipping charge so I brought up the matter of the advertised free shipping. The order taker informed me that was only for last month and had expired.

                      I explained the ad on the sponsored link and she looked it up and confirmed it. She told me that she couldn't make an exception but would forward the screen shot to the marketing department. I allowed that would be fine and ordered the camera, not wanting to make a fuss and knowing that she had no authority to make changes.

                      Yesterday my wife received a call from Canon and was told they would honor the free shipping offer and reduced the invoice accordingly.
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                        Much of what happens in the advertising world is a result of conclusions that are drawn from very meger facts that are interepted by people who have absolutely no idea of how to do so. I have seen this over and over in my career. An ad campaign is run and sales are made. The advertising executive naturally fells it is the result of his/her brilliant efforts. Another product fails in a different campairn and that same executive feels it is also due to the advertising campaign. Often no consideration is taken of the many hundreds, no thousands of other factors that were present.

                        A good product is sold with flashing ads so the conclusion is flashing ads work. A bad product does not sell and the ads did not flash so the conclusion that flashing ads are the way to go is is reinforced. Never mind that the product is totally lousy. Never mind that the economy is bad. Never mind that the price is too high. Never mind that ... thousands of other factors are different.

                        And the clients who purchase advertising services are no better - actually worse because admitting your product is a flop is a hard thing to do. Everybody wants to take the easy way. Ads. npt quality, are what sell products. Probably not completely true here as I suspect we are a tough audience.
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