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  • Angle Dresser?

    Need to design/build an angle dresser for an old #5 browne and sharp cylindrical grinder. Any ideas for designs? Angle and finish required is quite precise so would need something (perhaps screw type) to smoothly feed the diamond across the wheel face as well a fine adjustment to tweak the angle produced.

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    Sine dresser

    As an accurate sine dresser the item from is hard to beat and at US$89 its a good price for a very nice tool.

    The reference number for the search is 23107 or Sine dresser.

    Use angle blocks to set the angle to a very high order of accuracy. Search item is angle blocks 35116 - US$22.

    Suggested principles of use of angle blocks (top only):


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      Thanks for the info. I checked out the dresser on cdco. Not sure if it would be easy to orient to use for a cylindrical grinder at least if you are using blocks to set the sine angle? Perhaps it would work.


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        Principles and details

        I had it in mind to have the dresser "on the flat" (ie on its side) with the diamond at wheel centre-height.

        I was only concerned with the principle as I realize that you have to get the detail right.


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          Yeah, i believe the principle of the sine dresser should work...I dont have a lot of experience with these tools, does the sine angle lock in place when you have the spacing set? To move the diamond across the wheel, do you just move it with your hand?


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            Accuracy etc.


            I might have confused the issue.

            I meant angle blocks OR sine bar as separate methods.

            The sine bar is 2" and you will need a spacer in/under the sine bar that is equal to 2 X the Sine of the angle required.

            If you have slip guages - use them, but if not it doesn't matter. Make a spacer anyway you like - mill it, turn it or even use nuts and bolts etc. - as long as its within half a thou or so (a thou ie 0.001") tolerance is OK most times otherwise use half a thou (0.0005"). The error for 0.001" over a distance or 2" is 0.029 degrees = 1.72 minutes = 1 min 43 seconds. An error of 0.0005" over 2" is half of that = 51.5 seconds.


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              It doesn't get much simpler than this one. It is a shop fabricated version of the CDCO dresser. It is a 3" sine bar, the dressing diamond is on a slide and fed by hand.

              Jim H.


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                If you're starting from scratch try to design something over the wheel rather than in front of the wheel. An over the wheel dresser will allow you to dress without losing your settings or removing the work piece or tail stock, etc.


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                  Hey Grinder Guy

                  Why dont you get Big Mike to help you out. Later madman (aka Big Mike)