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Acer mill on static converter

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    Yes, it may be semantics, but... if that's true.. it just means I'm not expressing myself clearly. And.. I hate to leave things muddied.

    Simply... An SPC doesn't produce any power or "limit" the power that a motor may try to consume in response to the load. Taking it one step further, neither does an RPC. Heck, neither does connection to the utility. Add a motor starter with correctly sized thermal limiters (or a more modern electronic version) to any of the above will provide protection.

    What I'm really saying in all this technical mumbo-jumbo is that a great way to fry a motor when you knock 40-50% of its capability to be oblivious of the issues outlined.

    The other hand, a vfd (if programmed correctly) on has an integral (and often better) equivalent of the motor starter functions to protect the motor. Sadly, I see many installations where the nameplate FLA have not been programmed into the vfd.

    Personally.. I'm not a fan of static converters at all. I'll use a VFD as first choice anyday.
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