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  • OT EBAY reserve price ?

    If an auction doesn't reach the reserve on an item can the seller see the highest price bid or only the increment that everyone else sees on the item? Bob

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    If the reserve hasn't been bid to, then it will never show you the highest bid any of the bidders has made. If they did bid above the reserve price, it will jump to the reserve and then the next bidder would be able to exceed the person who broke that threshold.

    If it didn't work like that, you'd have people bidding $500 on a 500 reserve, but since the incremental bid was only 450, the item wouldn't sell.


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      The seller sees all...


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        Simplest way is to contact the seller and ask if it's availible to offer then see if the two of you can come to agreement on price.

        I've done this several times will sucess,but it will only work if your offer is reasonable.

        If an item has ran more than a couple times in a row with either no bids or none that made the reserve your chances are better.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Lakeside, If that was the case, you'd be a fool not to go find a shill to push up your price to the highest proxy you had. Not happening.
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            Yes you can see the bid history of a item by putting your cursor (I think that is what they call it) or pointer on the "bid history" (beside the # of bidders) on the main listing and left clicking on it. You can see who bid and the amount they bid on a item. This info is available at any time during the auction and after the auction ends. All that the "reserve price" means is that the sellers minimum price hasn't been met yet.

            Actually the bidders user-name is only abbreviated. An attempt to hide the bidders name. This is so that a con-man can't look up a bid looser and offer hin a "second chance" to purchase a item that was not won by them and to swindle them out of money. However there is enough of their user-name to determine if the same person kept making bids on a item.

            Just thought I would tell ya. Your friend, Doggie


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              Up to now I never had a seller who did not respond when I ask what the reserve is in a private message.



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                I know what his reserve is but it's too high IMHO so I bid what I thought it was worth but less than the reserve. What I'm trying to find out is if he will see my full bid price so he may take it as an "offer" or, since it looks like I'm the only bidder, will he only see the $100 opening price. Bob


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                  He'll only see the opening price.

                  How long till the auction ends? You could always PM him with your offer. Then if the auction ends and someone else hasn't bid beyond that, he could set up a buy it now listing for you (or he could deal with you directly - just depends on what fleabay protection you want).


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                    [QUOTE=Jim Shaper]He'll only see the opening price.QUOTE]
                    Thanks. Bob