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Aloris CXA dimension help!

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  • Aloris CXA dimension help!

    Well it seemed easy enough ,,make a CXA holder,, I have 4 Aloris holders and not one are the same! so I download a machinest program that does dovetails calculations enter all the dimension that I avg from the 4 other holders and the main problem is the widest part of the dovetail the program gave me a dimension of 2.201 and the 4 samples were closer 2 2.125 to 2.130.
    then i tried the 2 pins in the dovetail both were .250 and that gave me a dimension of 1.518 avg and using that number still wasnt close to what I'm measuring for the widest part of the dovetail,,, so i guess my question is
    is it that important to be that precise?? if so you would think aloris would be alot closer with thier dimensions.
    I have a avg of the depth of the dovetail is .553 and 2 of the holders were .005 diff from one side to the other also making sure i didnt measure the relief toward the center.

    Will 1018 work?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

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    1018 is fine. I doubt the real deals are anything more exotic, but I could be wrong.

    Since I just happen to have the measurements I used in the notebook next to me - I got 1.660" between inside edges on the tops of the dovetail (the narrowest part of the holders dovetail), and a depth of .550" from the bottom of the slot to the outside edge of the holder. Since the dovetail angle is the same, by replicating what measurements you get from the physical part's other dimensions (including any relief in the apex of the throat), you will end up with the same gage measurements as using the dowels. Since the throat has radiused points, you will only get close with this method, but it eliminates most of the math needed when using the dowels.

    Just measure out what's close to what you have that works and go from there. Remember the wedge style holds the holder to the flat body of the post, the piston's hold the holder to the faces of the dovetails. Getting a tight but functional fit will ensure repeatability.


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      Jim that make alot of sense,,Thanks for help Bill.