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Book review: Google Sketchup 7 for Dummies

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  • Book review: Google Sketchup 7 for Dummies

    Went to Barnes and Noble today to see if they had any books for IBM's AS400 servers (nope) but did see this book for $24.99 so figgered it would make the trip worthwhile. Also bought the July/August issue of HSM Machinist so I was clearly hedging my bets.

    Anyway, this is a decent intro to Google's Sketchup proggie and will aid the n00b through the travails of migrating from 2D to 3D in a painless fashion. It is not a book that is worth $25.99 by any means, but it is getting the job done for me. Artsy examples aside, I'm picking up the basics and it's then my job to figure out how to draw an hyperboloid planetary gear set.

    The examples are strongly oriented toward architecture and not so much toward planetary gears, but I think there's enough in there to gin up a planet gear or two. It has a narrow section of glossy photos of common objects that can be done up in the tool (spiral staircase, f'rinstance) and it does a decent step by step for integrating Google Earth with your elevations to create fully clad 3D renditions of your house or pole barn as seen from space or your own driveway. Clever stuff, actually, and quite high tech.

    At less than the cost of dinner out with a bottle of good wine, it's on my recommend buy list.

    Edit: This book is based on the free version of Sketchup 7.

    Wiley Publishing
    ISBN: 978-0-470-27739-3
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    Thanks for the review.


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      Sketchup doesn't have an easy way to make gears. The best is to use another cad program such as CamBam which has a gear generator and export that to DXF, then import that to Sketchup.

      Funny you should mention planetary gears, I am currently building a planetary transmission to try on my hybrid trike.

      I designed it as I described above. The sun gear, the planets and the ring are all available for either drive or braking with a band brake. Driving the sun and braking the ring using a band brake and using the planets as output gives a 1/2 ratio. Locking the ring to the planets with a friction roller gives a 1/1 ratio. Releasing both gives neutral. Other combinations are possible including a 2/1 step up giving three speeds plus neutral with no actual shifting of gears.
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here