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    I have a drill press which I got from MSC maybe five years ago. I've used it just for poking an occasional hole, nothing precise. The other day I was a little fussier and ckecked its alignment. The table is about .015 high at the front end, and has an .015 dish in the top. I could shim the swivel joint to take care of the front to back, but that doens't help the dish. In the die-to-side, I can't really do anything either, with the dish there I have no way to square it up. I have nothing in the way of surface grinding equipment and trying to use files, emery etc. seems futile. MSC will sell me a new table for about $110, I supose I could get one and return it if it's no better. That way I'd be out only shipping. What would you guys do, especially on a small budget? I'd really like to be able to to drill a hole square to a surface. Thanx for any ideas.

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    What size is table? Is it round or square can you swing it on a lathe? I would try a shop in your area if you don't have means to do it your self, should cost less than $110,I would think. Maybe square you could set it up on mill table with hole for column square to table and fly cut, a lot of tables aren't finished any better.


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      Throw it on a mill and facemill it square to the column hole as Bighammer says. Even if you get a shop to do it it should cost less than that. You may be able to get it Blanchard ground at a clutch shop. Check with local schools they may be able to do it for you as a "project".

      You could try getting warranty from MSC - pointing out that the table obviously is substandard (not something you could have done with even heavy use). Don't take any crap from them (does the lemon law work for machinery?). Good luck.



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        Thanx for the tips. I fired off a letter to MSC yesterday, "polite but firm".(That means the envelope wasn't smoking when I last saw it). If that doesn't work, I'll put the table, 10" sq, under my arm and make the rounds of small hungry shops. I'll keep you posted.