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  • Worm Gear pillage

    Hello everyone

    I am thinking about making a rotary table. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find a good worm gear?

    Like I have said in a previous post I have been able to make an acceptable manual rotab, so I am thinking my next best bet would be to make another one but better.

    thanks all

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    I'm chiming in before HE gets a chance, have you checked his holiness's site, division plates too.

    Regards Ian.
    You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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      hello sir

      as you can tell by my post count that I am a newb and thusly am un aware of the site with which you speak.


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        Sorry, the illustrious Sir John Stevenson, (Did I spell it all correctly John???)

        No connection whatsoever, just another dissilusioned fat chewer.

        Regards Ian.

        (PS. Look on the bottom of one of his postings for the site)
        You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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          They aren't hard to make. I have made quite a few including this one. This is 7075 alumimnum, slightly harder than steel. Bronze is a good choice and easy to machine although a bit expensive in the larger sizes. Steel works fine but requires a tool steel hob, not a big issue if you can harden it.

          Shown is the wheel and the hob used to cut it.
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            hello evan could you please make me one and send it to australia?


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              You got mail Michael
              You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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                hello chaps

                was a good day,

                I got a reduction gear box to use as a guts to my rotab. I was thinking of building a box for it and arranging some kind of thrust bearing system for it.

                I was thinking that why don't I just make an adapter and bolt the chuck straight onto the output shaft, add a dial to the input shaft and bobs your aunty..

                does anyone know if this box could handle the loads placed on it when used beneath a milling machine to cut radii etc?

                Just putting it out there......

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                  Looks like a 6206 bearing on the input shaft and a larger deep groove bearing on the output. It looks pretty stout to me. It should work. The only concern is damage to the bearing from shock loads. Ball bearings have a much lower allowable static load than dynamic load. They are a lot easier to damage when they are not turning.
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                    thanks for the reply evan,,

                    I was just looking at this picture here


                    at it looks basically the same.... add a handle and away I go.

                    as long as the output shaft has limited movement (side to side, in and out) I cant see it being any worse than a cheap import.. If problems arise I could always redesign parts of it.


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                      it also has machined faces on all size sides so it could be a vertical as well.

                      It really does seem like a good idea, it will cost me only $60 its 160mm square so I would attach maybe a 6inch chuck....


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                        One thing, just because it has machined faces on all sides doesn't mean they are square to each other.
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                          I will put a mic on it when I get it just to make sure.


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                            Turning out a rotary table


                            Good on you.

                            Its nice to see someone "having a go". The basics are there. Its just a matter of sorting what the threads are and getting them all together.

                            Providing the "guts" inside are OK -worm and wheel - and the gear-box is as solid as it looks, you are "right to go".

                            The worm ratio is not important at all. There are lots of "main-stream" rotary tables out there with a whole range of ratios 40, 60, 72, 90 etc. A set of tables and indexing plates (if you need them) can soon be quite easily worked out for any - and I mean any - ratio and made to suit. Its easier if the ratio is a sub-multiple of 360 - for a whole lot of reasons - but it can be "lived with" or "worked around".

                            The "shape" of a rotary table is NOT important but its functionality IS important - the choice is yours.

                            The level of functionality you require and the work that you can or want to do will be an inevitable compromise, but that too is for you to decide for yourself.

                            I guess that this is is going to be an evolutionary project and a "work in progress" for a while yet.

                            So - get in there, get started and make go of it. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain in many ways.

                            I admire your courage and tenacity.


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                              Making a rotary table is alot of work. you can make a pick-up truck too if you want but its way less work to buy a quality unit.

                              I would punt on that project. look at some auctions.