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    Originally posted by wierdscience
    I don't remeber who exactly it was,but one of our members here is quite expert in the use of a HF electric fly swatter

    I consider myself one of the leading authorities of the proper usage and storage/modification of the HF flyswatter --- what a wonderful tool, once you own one you ask how you ever got bye without it.

    Safety tips and storage ----- never leave cheap batteries in your HF swatter over the winter months when not in use.

    Get to know all the ceiling obstacle's (light fixtures, ceiling fans ect.) in your house and shop, esp. if you use wale blubber to lubricate your machinery.

    Last but not least -- your HF fly swatter is made with a built in safety devise that actually EATS batteries ---- its a resistor that is at the very end of the electronics and bridges the gap between the two grids -- you can find it in the handle after disassembly, It requires you to keep charging the grid while chasing down renegade flys --- sometimes it can cost you 10 charges to get the job done that a single charge would do - do to the fact that its a constant "bleed off" of precious energies, your mission (should you choose to except) Is to remove this resistor --- after this is accomplished you can charge the grid and take 5 minutes or more to hunt down your prey,
    Keep in mind that the grid will stay energized for quite sometime --- also keep in mind that a thin pair of summer shorts is no guarantee against certain parts of your anatomy getting zapped esp. if they are built with a brass zipper.

    As always exercise caution, use only under adult supervision, some assembly required, Do not use in rain, Do not use in swimming pool, avoid using in shower, never leave around open flame, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, do not eat, erections lasting more than 4 hours require immediate attention, never use while driving or operating machinery and avoid contact with wet scrotum's,
    Objects stuck in grid may appear to be as close as they actually are --- if this phenomenon occurs MOVE GRID AWAY FROM FACE IMMEDIATELY!
    Apply liberal amounts of lubrication to both handle and anus prior to insertion,
    Not intended to be used on people, pets or in aquariums.
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      "Are yours working out OK?"

      Yeah, we're still pleased with the way they're working. My friend's going to buy some more for his home shop.

      As usual with cheap stuff, you have to pick and choose. In this case, my friend and I got some with minimal clearance between the movable jaw and the sides of the handle to convert to deep throat clamps. A lot of slop in the joint would be magnified by the extension, making the clamps useless.

      Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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        Originally posted by clutch
        I bought some rolling head pry's, actually two sets since one set is useless. Bad heat treat, snapped two so far with elderly grandma level force.

        If anyone knows of a made in usa supplier of these things, I'd appreciate a link. I use these things quite often at work.

        i have had a snap-on set for over 30 years and have bent one with extreem abuse but have never broken one.


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          Originally posted by Roy Andrews
          i have had a snap-on set for over 30 years and have bent one with extreem abuse but have never broken one.
          Snap-On General Inquiries 262-656-5200
          Page 326 in catalog 1000



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            I have bought HF stuff. None has broken for me.

            Bought the swatter. Have the same batteries in it for probably a year now, still zaps the hell out of bugs that I can hit. Why doesn't yours?

            I don't like that I can buy a 6 inch grinder there cheaper than I can buy the exact same grinder at Sears for twice the price.

            I don't like that I can buy a 4 1/2 inch grinder for 15 bucks there when I can buy the exact same grinder for 50 at Sears.

            I don't like that I can buy many, many items there for at MOST, half the price that I would have to pay at any other outlet.

            Friend has a garage who bought automatic tire changer, BUT would NOT buy the HF model. 1200 HF. 4500 Snap-On. IDENTICAL machine, and I defy any of you to tell me the difference.

            Lots of the other "junk" down there is the same stuff you pay 2 to 5 times the price for at the "name" stores.

            And, unless you read the Brand Name on it, you can't tell the difference.