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    It all depends on the type of work you are doing. Some people have no idea of how to use a planer gage or a sine bar because in their line of work this type of tool is not needed. But if you are doing precise tool, gage or die work you will need one. A planer gage is today often replaced with a (very expensive) CADILAC GAGE. It is not a setting tool for toolbits. Because it is used with gage blocks the flat surfaces have to be parallel to a surface plate within a minimum of .0002 over the sliding range of the gage.


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      What anything sold for new is immaterial. What is it worth to you now?

      Looks like a lot of it is beginning to rust. Rusting reamers jumbling around in a box unprotected aren't worth much. used drill jig bushings, drills , endmills usually go by the pound.