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  • R8 adaptor

    do they make a adaptor with inside taper R8 to outside #5 morse taper.I have alot of R8 tool holders and would like to adapt them to morse so I could use them in my lathe.I haven't been able to find any so far and don't know if I just need to make one or could I buy one?

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    While I won't say no, I strongly suspect not. R8 requires a drawbar, and most Morse-equipped spindles (well, apart from lathes) have no such provision.

    You might be able to find a soft MT5 taper adapter and turn it to spec, then just fab up a drawbar from allthread and an aluminum cap for the backside of the spindle.

    But really, the proper way- and probably considerably more accurate way- would be to put together a 5C setup. Yes, it's an additional cost, but the 5C is more useful than just holding mill cutters.

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      Make it

      My guess is that you are going to have to make that MT5>R8 adaptor for your lathe.


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        How about an adapter that would allow r-8 in a MT3 spindle?? (micromark mill)

        The draw bar could thread into the r8 through an open ended MT3 sleeve. ???


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          Metatarcher, I'm not sure what mill you have but if it's your standard mini mill then Little Machine Shop offer a drop in replacement spindle in R-8.



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            I have made R8 adapters on the lathe by setting the compound on an existing good R8. The same setting could be used to make an R8 pocket. If I were doing it, I would make the MT5 first with a thread on the back for my 5C draw tube. Then mount it in the spindle and make the R8 taper in situ.
            I do agree that you will probably not find this item commercially.


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              Thanks for the info,I should just start building one if nothing more than for kicks to build something.I'm not going to install it in the place of my chuck,I'm giong to chuck it into my 16" 4 jaw chuck.