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Need a quote from a local hobby machinist.

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  • Need a quote from a local hobby machinist.

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a preferably local Ottawa, Ontario, Canada person with lathe skills to make a small part for me. I lost a piece of a pyro-activated retention device and need to make a copy asap. I borrowed a replacement from a friend who needs the part back by the end of August.

    The part is not too complex for lathe work but does have a tapered section and a concave section. The fit with the retaining body of the device is key. I would be able to leave the retaining body with you so that you could check the functioning of the new part.

    The square section can be left as round rod. It does need a hole drilled through it. Once you see the device you will see what dimensions are important and what corners can be cut.

    Any one interested?

    Thanks for looking.

    Greg Parent

    Here's a picture.

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    sorry to disagree, but I would call that complicated part. maybe not large, but a lot of operations.

    What material? what tolerances? also, what the said pyro, as in pyrotechnics? Use hobbyist don't carry liability insurance so have to watch what the use is.

    why a hobby machinist? don't you know - we charge way more than the professional shops?


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      Isn't a "Hilti" gun a pyro activated retention device????

      Regards Ian.
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        It would take a CNC to make that easy. It would take some time and tool grinding to make it on a manual lathe. That's not an easy part to make.
        It's only ink and paper


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          That looks like it could be duplicated in about 30 minutes based on what is visible. The part that is not visible is the end of it. Is it threaded? Drilled through?

          It looks like an air connection fitting. If the part not visible is complex it would take longer, of course, or if there is a specialty thread (pipe) that requires a tap. The radiused cut can be done with a spindexer and an end mill.

          But I'd want to know what materials and post turning processes would be needed i.e., does it need to be hardened or...


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            That looks pretty easy to make. I agree with Dennis. It looks like the sort of part that would be hardened. That brings up the point of what sort of abuse it receives in use as to what material would be required.
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              What material is it made of? How many do you need? Most importantly. Do you have a dimensioned drawing?Toerances? If not I'm going to need a sample piece to reverse engineer.
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                Material is ferrous. He needs one. There is no drawing. Tolerances are unknown. You may borrow the piece to reverse engineer.
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                  30 minute job at best. Take any longer and you wasting time.I`ll make one for $100.00
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                    It looks very simple to me. Might take a few minutes to grind a radius tool but otherwise there is nothing to it IMHO.


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                      I've heard the language some of these gentlemen can use, and I assure you, you do not want any sort of quote from them on ANY topic if it's going to be repeated elsewhere.


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                        Know the cost of the piece (if available) as a replacement part from the manufacturer before pursuing having one made. Only then will you know if the quotes are fair or useful to you.
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                          Originally posted by lane

                          30 minute job at best. Take any longer and you wasting time.I`ll make one for $100.00

                          29 minutes. I'll make one for $110.00.



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                            I'll make the second one for free. I need the practice and I don't want to undercut my board mates here


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                              I'll just modify an air fitting. I'm almost done.
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