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  • Auction Report – Sacramento CA

    Weird is all I can say.

    I watched 4 or 5ea, 2hp Air compressors go for $35 each and then a 3hp 60 Gal / 3ph compressor go for $250. The biggest tube bender (+8000lbs) I’ve ever seen (could bend 6” I-80 into a pretzel in 30 sec.) with all the dies go for $375. An Acer Mill with Anilam DRO - $1000, South Bend 13” - $750 and then 2ea Clausing 10” - $200ea

    Pneumatic Drills went for $5 (I got 3 of them) and a crude ½” plate welding table for $500

    It was a very unpredictable day to say the least

    Oh but look what followed me home

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    Auctions are weird.

    You seem to have bought 'value priced' (dirt cheap) items. What did you get the band saw for?

    It looks like a really nice one.


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      It was like this in the last recession. Everybody still in business are keeping their hands in their pockets.


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        No joy in New Helvetia.............

        You will see a lot more auctions in Sacramento in the months to come. I live in the county and small retail, serrvice and manufacturing companies are dropping like flies.

        The Sacramento Harley-Davdson dealer is closing his second outlet in Elk Grove on August 15.

        The new, unfinished Elk Grove Shopping Mall sits rotting in the sun with no drywall and nothing but a chain link fence around it.

        Mervyn's, a large clothing store chain, is Tango Uniform.

        The local Ford dealer went out of business early this year.

        Several other Ford and Chrysler dealers in Saramento are gone in the past year.

        My favorite tire company, Tred Mill, even went belly up. Damn!

        Home forclosures are coming fast and furious with State Employee taking unpaid furlough days up to three a year and a fourth one planned. No raises in a long, long, time either.

        Sacramento County laid off 128 uniformed Sheriff's deputies on Monday. It's so bad that the Sheriff is fed up with no money and no help and he won't run again. The felons are pleased, however.

        On the other hand, if you still have a job, it's only a recession and we still have a Wal-Mart so I guess everything's OK.

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          Originally posted by rancherbill
          What did you get the band saw for?
          $450 - and that is an honest answer


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            Man you did very well Joe congrats everyone needs a Joe day from time to time.Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease