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Quick ENCO/free-shipping/drop-shipping question...

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  • Quick ENCO/free-shipping/drop-shipping question...

    A friend of mine is about to fly down to the States to buy a pickup truck and drive it back here to Alaska. Standard 2WD Dodge 3/4-ton, I guess he's getting it for some absurdly low price from a relative. No load, just him, his luggage, and the truck, which might or might not have a topper.

    Anyway, I started thinking of that wide open and largely empty bed that'll be heading my way, and that made me think it might be time to try to take advantage of that "free shipping" you guys in the Lower 48 enjoy.

    There's quite a few heavy things I've been wanting/needing, but have been hesitant to order up since shipping essentially doubles the price- in the case of an import surface plate, it's closer to tripling.

    Things like the 12"x2" grinding wheels for my big pedestal grinder, the aforementioned surface plate, some Kurt-style vises, another Kennedy toolbox, and so on.

    Shipping alone on a granite surface plate could be $200.

    So the plan is to have the stuff drop-shipped, hopefully free or at least steeply discounted, to the person from whom he's getting the truck, and he'll just bring it up with him.

    Does ENCO's "free" shipping include heavy stuff, or is there a weight limit?

    If they'll do the free, will they let me drop-ship to a different address?

    And, for those in the know, anything I need to know about when it comes time to bring this stuff through the Canadian border? The truck will, at that point, have Alaska plates, the driver will, of course, have valid Alaska ID (and no record, like a DUI, etc. to bar him from the border) and the stuff will be still packed, with invoices, pretty much as-delivered.

    The load won't be huge, as I said, maybe half a dozen boxes. But if it works, I might save as much as $800-$900 in shipping.

    Heck, even if they won't do 'free' on some of this stuff, UPS a state or two away is still considerably cheaper than it is to get it up here...

    Input welcomed. And hey, if anyone's in the Illinois area and has a nice, working Hardinge turret lathe for sale...

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    The smallest surface plate they sell (12 x18 IIRC) and the grinding wheels would ship free. The Kurt vise will ship by truck, but it would be free right now. The usually run free truck shipping for Kurt vises anyways. The kennedy box would go truck, so it's not included in the free shipping. I got the 18x24 surface plate and it had to go truck.

    Yes, they will drop ship to an address other than your billing address. I have things shipped to my work address from time to time.



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      "Does ENCO's "free" shipping include heavy stuff, or is there a weight limit?"
      There is a weight limit on free shipping. I got my 5" Enco brand vise WITHOUT the swivel base shipped free. With the swivel base it was going to be shipped by truck (not free). I got two 12 x 18 surface plates, one with a nice chip out of the corner (in shipping) so they sent a second one both free shipping and they didn't want the first one back. They aren't real good at packing the surface plates.


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        Originally posted by Doc Nickel
        Does ENCO's "free" shipping include heavy stuff, or is there a weight limit?
        Enco limits the free shipping to 80 lbs. So the 12x18 Toolroom surface plate with the two ledges barely makes it, but the grade B surface plate without the ledges is truck shipped.

        Like Sidney says, the 5" Kurt clones make it, but add the swivel base and it puts it over the limit.
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          So anything that can go UPS (meaning 70lb or less, as I recall) will be free, while anything over that (likely the surface plates) will be truck.

          Still, that means, I think, I'd just be paying a short hop for a surface plate, and getting the rest free. Ponder, ponder...

          And as much as I'd like to get a real Kurt, I need at least two, possibly three more machine vises- I'm still using a cheapy "drill press" vise on my horizontal, pretty much specifically because I haven't really liked the idea of spending $125 to get an $85 vise shipped up.

          I see their site says 'free shipping on all vises'... So if I get free shipping on a free-shipped vise, do they pay me?

          Hm. Looks like I might get a bit of a score, here...

          Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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            You might call them and ask about the free shipping. I have gotten free truck shipping in the past, just because I placed a large order and only one item was coming by truck. If you get free truck shipping on the vise, they may be willing to give you free shipping on the plates and box too, since they will also ship by truck. Definently worth a call.

            They shouldn't have a problem shipping it to a different address; I've done that many times.


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              Good to know so far...

              Anyone have any input about going through the border? I doubt there'll be a problem, but I hear the occasional story about having to pay some tax or other on "imported goods" or somesuch.

              Probably not an issue given the demonstrable fact he'll be an Alaskan passing through to Alaska, but on the other hand, I don't want to cause him any additional trouble or heartache- or cost, for that matter- just for doing me a favor.

              Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)