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  • bad timing

    Went 50 years without breaking a bone.I guess I am too old to be having fun. Broke my leg last nite messing with the boy on his go-cart.

    I started to repaint the shop.Removed everything possible out of garage shop area and put it in the machine shop.All lights were unscrewed from the ceiling.About 30 of them.All switch and outlet covers off.Ready to paint today! Not going to happen for a long time now..
    Dreading calling office Monday after I get it cast.Not going to be too happy for sure.

    I havent had anything hurt this bad.Ouch! How long does the pain last on a broken bone? I broke the ball off the small bone at the ankle..Dang....

    Be careful out there guys.


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    that sucks you haven't had it cast yet?
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      Commiserations Jim, same with me - 50 years riding without a scratch then my old 45 fell on me (don't you just hate gravel?).
      They set my leg without any painkillers (foreign parts), I nearly bit through the steel tube holding the drip up, told the Doc ' I will tell you everything'.
      Sorted out fine once I got home.
      Hang in there - as they say 'It's only pain' and there is a positive side, think of all the things you hate doing and now have a cast (sorry) iron excuse not to do, that should cheer you up.
      What you say & what people hear is not always the same thing.


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        Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

        In general bones mend in about 6 weeks. But the pain doesn't normally last anywhere near that long. Tho I guess it depends on the bone in question and how much stress it receives in daily activity.

        I once broke a finger, which really couldn't be immobilized in a cast; could only be splinted. And that hurt for a long time, tho not excruciating.

        I broke a couple of ribs one time, and they hurt like a sumabitch for about 2 or 3 days, and then over the span of an hour or so the pain stopped altogether. Was amazing!
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          Bored as heck already!! They have to wait for swelling to go down before a permanent cast is done on Monday.

          Have a ton of stuff to do and had 2 weeks to get it done.Thats what really depresses me! Bought the cable and plug for the BP cnc project Fri also!I may be able to mess with it in a couple weeks I guess.

          Also bought a motorcycle this spring. Cant ride it the rest of the summer now. Sniff sniff.......


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            I've been running a lot, and I pulled my right hip flexor two weeks ago. Went to an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered an X-ray. I thought that odd, since you can't see muscles on X-rays.

            Turns out, all the mileage has caused bone spurs on my hip, and sub-consciously avoiding the impingement caused the pulled hip flexor. Now I need to have the bone spurs arthroscopically removed. I'm going to be on crutches for a month, and in physical therapy for 2 - 3 months

            I turn 43 this month (Evan and I have the same birthday ). Getting old sucks...

            Jim: where are you located? Maybe we can hang out in crutches and drink beer
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            "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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              How long does it hurt? I don't know yet. Broke my left ankle in a motorcycle race in 1972 and it still hurts. Sometimes I can't walk on it.


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                Had my leg broken in 1960. Still hurts every day. Sometimes enough to make it hard to function, mostly mild annoyance.



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                  lazlo.. In NE ohio. Id love to slurp some bears with you. I kinda figured that exercise wears things out so I try to avoid it if possible. : )

                  Been lucky for years.Last ten have been the most damaging. Cut the top of thumb across the knuckle off.Had plastic surgery for that.

                  3 years ago I chainsawed my knee cap. real lucky there too.Nice scare but no lasting damage.

                  Looks like I am an accident looking for a place to happen that is all that has happened in 50 years


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                    Sorry about your bad luck. But making it to 50 without broken bones is pretty lucky if you have an active lifestyle.
                    As to breaking the ball off your ankle, I did mine in '97 when my then new roadking landed on it. I had it x-rayed and the family doctor told me he would set up an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. I told him whatever he did would have to be done in 4 days as my wife and I had a trip planned to St. Croix USVI. The ortho. surgeon told me that I would not be on a plane to someplace warm on thursday because his schedule put me in the operating room on thursday.
                    I also had a broken fibula? The small bone on the outside of your lower leg. Needed a plate and 6 screws on that one. The ball they put I believe 1 or maybe 2 screws to hold the ball in place. The ball side healed up quickly and never gave me another problem. The screw[s] remain today. Not enough to set off an airport metal detector but don't forget to tell them if I need an mri.
                    The fibula was another story. Would not heal. Got infected. Damn near lost my left foot. Had to wear a pump 24/7 for 6 weeks. That part was a total nightmare.

                    I figured out what let to the whole ordeal. The wifes floorboard caught my left ankle as I was taking off around a corner. I never had a bike with floorboards before. I have had a love/hate relationship with that Harley over the years. All this was 3 years after my first ever broken bone. Femur broken in 2 places coming off a water ski jump. Found out I was not superman that day.

                    You will cut your chances of problems if they don't need to cut on you.
                    Good luck,
                    OPEN EYES, OPEN EARS, OPEN MIND

                    THINK HARDER




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                      Sorry to hear of your injury, the same happened to me on, yes, my boy's go cart!!!

                      As having had multiple broken bones and casts my advice to you is stock up on wire hangers. When that ankle starts healing and that cast starts getting ripe, you can't believe the relief a hanger can bring in satisfying an itch!

                      Get well soon.



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                        Be careful with those wire coat hangers, you can cause serious damage that will get infected. If you really can't stand it, at least bend the hanger/wire double so there is no edge inside the cast.

                        I've had too many broken bones to take time to recount. They've ranged from broken fingers/toes, to compound fractures and one leg ripped completely off at the knee. I've got so many pins, rods, plates and screws in me, that the radiologists are always quite entertained by my x-rays (particularly of my lower left leg where they put it back on).

                        Anyway, first few days is always the worst, particularly if waiting for swelling to go down. Once the cast is on, it's really no big deal other than inconvenience. With leg casts, I often ruined the foot from walking on them and doing things I shouldn't have done (resulting in countless lectures from doctors). But casts are much better now. New materials aren't so easy to damage, and they often have walking pads built into the foot.

                        Obviously you have to use common sense (something I've been told I had little of), but in a week or so you should be able to function right well. There may be some initial swelling the first week, maybe the second, if you try to do too much, but you just prop it up a bit.

                        Hmmm, lets see. Some (possibly?) interesting history. I rode a hopped-up 3 wheeler with casts on both legs. Used a cord to pull shifter up, and I could heel it down. Rear brakes didn't work anyway (did they ever?) so that didn't matter. Flipped it walking "wheelies" in the field behind my grandmother's house and almost had to go back to the ER for stitches with casts on both legs. Oh, and did I mention that was only about a month after getting out of the Hospital after over a month in traction with both arms and both legs broken. Slid out of my wheel chair and down stairs to the basement to build my '66 GTO. Pulled and built the motor, switched the 4 speed to auto (because I knew the left leg was going to take a long time to be able to use a clutch), and did the brakes from end to end. Drove out on it's own power the day I got my right leg cast off. Hmmm, in HS I broke my right hand in a fight, next week (after suspension was over) I was playing Volley Ball with the girls gym (sweeeet!) because I couldn't play basketball. That cast made a great bat, and the girls ate it up! Broke an arm playing baseball (slid down rounding first for second), a foot playing football (how appropriate), and the list goes on.

                        Point being, a broken leg in no way puts you on the sidelines unless you let it. Take care of it and yourself, get off it and put it up if it starts to swell, make allowances as needed (you can even do that painting in a week or so, just takes longer and get an extension for doing ceilings and such) and otherwise go on with your life...
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                          Hey Jim What's the problem? You now have at least a week getting up to speed on CAD CAM


                          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                            You are correct John. I was bribing the boy on figuring this cad and to export to cam.Figured he is a computer wiz so it would be easy. He doesnt seem interested so I will step up.He will be losing his license for a juvenile speed ticked.Maybe hill work at it then.

                            Ive been studying doing g code tho.... : )

                            taker easy.

                            Russ. I will be on it as soon as possible.Got to get the garage done before going into fall work season.


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                              the pain goes away in a few days. but you will always a a weather forcaster.i have had both feet right leg twice right arm twice left arm once broken. don't know how many ribs.

                              i can tell when the weather is going to change.