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Does spindle thread type/size matter on 9x20

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  • Does spindle thread type/size matter on 9x20

    I'm looking to get one of the 9X20 lathes.

    I notice that the jet has a "standard" 1 1/2X8tpi spindle and the Enco has a m39x4.0 spindle.

    Should this be a consideration in my selection? Are there more options with one over the other. If I'm reading the Enco specs right it only cuts metric threads .5mm-3mm so if I wanted to make some adapter or backplate I couldn't do it.

    If that is the case it seems like the Jet would be the way to go.

    Does the HF have a metric spindle thread also?


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    You will find a lot more accessories in 1-1/2"-8 than 39-4.
    Jim H.


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      any machine that cannot cut its own nose thread isn't worth anything in my opinion.

      Maybe if you already had everything you needed it would be OK.

      But I find it hard to believe that some rig wouldn't cut 4MM on that machine. Specs are just what it comes set for. By rearranging or adding gears to the QC drive you should be able to use either the 3mm or 2mm setting to cut 4mm.

      Agree on the accessories aspect. If anything is more common and affordable (and makeable) than 1 1/2-8 thread, I dunno what it is. Logan, Atlas/Craftsman, SB, probly Sheldon, all made that nose, generally with a 3MT taper.


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        You need to check out the Yahoo group on the 9 X 20:
        In the files section you will find something about turning threads with a 4 mm pitch.

        As far as the spindle thread being metric, I don't think it matters that much especially if you can make your own backplates. But, even if you don't do this you can buy the backplate with 39 x 4 mm threads from Wholesale Tools. The differences in the 9 x 20 lathes that Jet, Enco, Grizzly and HF are very small. The HF version that has been on sale in their stores for $599 is an especially attractive bargin. Don't let the spindle size discourage you.

        No matter what brand you choose you will most likely want to do some of the modifications that you will find in the files section of the Yahoo 9x20 group.


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          I was hoping this would help make my decision. It seems like this is turning out to be a personal preferance choice. I have seen pros and cons for all. I think I have narrowed it down to Jet, Enco or HF.

          I just found and started browsing the Yahoo 9x20 group and I haven't make it to the files section yet. That'll be my next stop.

          I did find Bedairs site.

          I don't have an HF store near me although I just saw an old post here that there may be one in the next few months near by.



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            page 43 of the 2003 Enco Master Catalog says of the 9 x 20 (among other things):

            inch threads: 27, from 8 to 56 tpi
            metric threads: 11, from 0.5 to 3 mm

            I'm not familiar with this lathe but one thing in the specs that would discourage me is the compound travel, which is only two inches. This is going to prevent you from making lots of tooling for spindle and tailstock, which are MT3 and MT2.

            For me it would be a show-stopper unless the machine came with a tapering attachment.

            Edited to add a comment: I just looked at the "same" machine on the lathemaster website. The compound travel is specified at three inches.

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