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Clausing Model 100 Mk3 Question.

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  • Clausing Model 100 Mk3 Question.

    Hello all,
    I've been working on this old beut for about a year now, and FINALLY have most of the machine working correctly. When I got it, It was covered in a thick layer of grease only God knows how was missing the gear to make the carriage feeds work. some one put the wrong bull gear in the head stock!...The list goes on, but all of that is correct and works nice. Clausing has been a HUGE help! The problem I can't fgure out is the clutch assembly. It wont stay engaged, but won't fully dis-engage. I don't under stand how it works well enough to diagnos it.

    Any thoughts? -Im not aposed to eliminating the clutch all together, but if I can save a little piece of history I'd like to.

    Thanks for stoppin' in, Eddie.

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    If you are talking about the clutch that controls the entire lathe, which is located on the counter shaft assembly, I think I can help you as most of those parts (if needed) can be machined by yourself!

    Is this what your clutch looks like?

    If so, I remade these parts plus the pin (not shown) that fits in the grove on bottom photo because they were "sloppy". Everything worked great after that. I made the part in the first photo out of brass.

    Either way, post some pictures or send them via private message to me and we'll see what can be done. You may just need some adjustments!

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      yep, thats the part I have in my couter shaft, I havent fully dis-assembled it yet in fear I would screw somthing up. but they look simple. I'll send some pictures, hopfully it's dummy proof! It seems like the haed stock was the weak piont in the machine..or it could be the last owner just abused that part more than the rest. Thanks! Incedently I was playing with the adjustments last night on the rest of the machine; and can't belive how nice and smooth it feels compared to some newer machines I've used for work. This is realy starting to come together now..


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        Originally posted by 67gt6
        ...Any thoughts? -I'm not opposed to eliminating the clutch all together, but if I can save a little piece of history I'd like to....
        Whatever you do DON'T get rid of the clutch...that is the handiest feature and is the only model of lathe - in that size group - that I know of that has one!

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