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    I know that for some this might be a touchy subject but I was in my shop and was thinking, hmm this place sure could use a little more... color? no thats not it..good callendars? no the wife would kill me security? yes thats the one, It didn't make that much of a difference when I was a wood worker with some cheap(reelatively)tools. and although I am still a po' boy when it comes to tools but there sure are some I would have a hard time without. where do I start? I would wager probably not posting my pel-mel security "techniques" on the internet. and denial doesnt really cut it. ideas?



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    good morning.

    [some of] mine is booby trapped. there is also a prominent sign on the door that states this and why. " if you blow your balls off, odn't come whining to me. you have been warned.'

    this is illegal i know but i have had some break ins and thefts and the law doesn't do anything except generate paperwork. i would rather take my chances. so far it is a strong deterrent.

    it might be germane to note that i live some distance out of town and it would take too long for the law to respond to an alarm regardless of how 'state of the art' it might be. also cannot insure shop because of location.

    while this is my solution, i would not advise it for anyone else. this is for information only.

    ps. it helps to remember the traps so you don't nail yourself.

    good luck.
    ........i dremel. therefore i am..........................


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      ...booby trap...(why are they called booby traps? What were boobies, who trapped them and why? And how? Are booby traps etymologically related to making boo-boos?)

      Samuel, it's kind of hard to see from here, but just the usual common sense stuff is usually available from your police department. Stuff like good visibility of the premises, lighting, decent doors / windows and big alarm stickers is a good inexpensive start.


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        There is a reason for the term "junkyard dog".

        There is a reason for the dog, too.


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          I always thought a booby trap was a bra?

          As for security,I don't have any,I leave the doors unlocked,my shop door is usually open and I got quite a few tools,the one thing we have going for us is few people(even crackheads)will steal machinists tools,they just don't bring anything at the hock shops,woodworking equipment is a different story,so are electronics.

          Always remember,a lock keeps an honest person honest,but a lock tells a thief that nobodys home and theres something good inside.I have never been robbed at home,knock on wood,they see everything unlocked and figure somebody is coming home soon.

          At work I have had trouble,I have caugth people pocketing my tools,I fix that with a big cresent wrench,I did work in a shop that had a large back lot all fenced in and the like,the crackheads used to climb the fence and steal mostly copper and aluminum,but one day they decided tools would be better and they got a few out of the shop,well that got me worried cause I keep about $2k in my box,so I drilled a hole for a n/o push button under the box and wired it for a 110vac score board buzzer,the idea being if it got lifted somebody hopefully me would hear it,well sure enough they tried,the buzzer went off and I came running,just in time to see the crackhead lying under the box with his pants wet,well I kicked,beat,punched and stomped on him till he left,I picked my tools up and cooled off then thought about how funny it was to see him under that box with his legs kicking like an upside down turtle
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Last year i had about 2000 litres of gas stolle, a ski-doo. This year it has been break-ins into the garage. One night they unhooked my trailer and stole the truck. 4 weeks ago they came back for the trailer. The hardest part about that is it was the trailer i built. The police are asking me if i have insurance. I spent the last 2 days building a gate.

            I keep everything locked but they always seem to find a way. Several times it has been traced back to old employees. It isn't so much the money but the inconvenience of not having the tools to work with and management never wants to spend on tools. Heheh they seem to think they are a luxury item....unless their car breaks down



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              Aah yes, there are advantages to having a shop in cargo containers and in the middle of ten acres which is used as a dog refuge. We have generally 50-60 dogs on site and not all are in runs. It is entertaining to watch the wise asses come up the road to case the place, they think they are not noticed, and then the dogs appear and the trash leaves real fast. I also have a back-up system!

              The only booby traps I like are made of elastic with snaps.

              Neil Peters
              Neil Peters

              When on the hunt, a broken part is better than no part at all.


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                I've always like the sign "WARNING, Trespassers will be eaten"


                Trespassers will be shot at, hunted, maimed and tortured. Survivors will be prosecuted.


                Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.


                Tresspassers will be persecuted, with extreme prejudice.


                No Trespassing! Violators will be violated.

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                  Friend has sign on gate with silhouette of a dog (well over 100 yard from buildings) Sign says "he can make it from house to here in 3 seconds. Can you?"

                  Most of us around here never lock things up- even when absent for long periods. But when a strange vehicle shows up, even just driving down the road, MOST of us ask very politely if we can help. And more of us make a visible, take out the pen and paper and record tag numbers. We have had a few thefts in 30 years. Every theft was someone who had worked at the person's home prior to the theft. Most of us make sure we copy tag numbers and get ID of workers, and request contractors to do the same. We are friendly but we use caution.

                  Some one mentioned (long ago) using motion detection light as sensors. They are cheap and reliable. Maybe hook one up to a CB radio pair with a tone on transmitter and a tone sensitive relay on the receiver. Some of the "personal" two way radios by WalMart might be adaptable. A silent alarm to alert you and a big shot gun to carry to meet the "guest" would make for interesting and straight forward conversation.
                  Our local Sheriff used to take calls from us, we would say we had possible intruder, send help if we did not call back shortly. I doubt they are still so cooperative since our tax base has been increased, police are better funded, and the county needs several million more provide us more fire and police protection. BTW, they always advised us to wait for them before confronting the possible intruder, but that what to do was really our call.


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                    Sometimes I wish my name was Douglas - then I could post a sign "Beware of Doug" on the property lines! (shades of Farside!!)

                    We have solid core doors - steel faced, 6" timbers for door frame. 6" screws in hinges (removing hinge pins will not allow you to remove the door), high security locks, bars on the windows, monitored alarm system. You can still get in by smashing windows 12' off the ground or with a chainsaw.

                    The key component to this security is REPLACEMENT COST INSURANCE, video recording and inventory sheets submitted to said insurance company and a plain language agreement as to complete coverage based on the inventory and video records.

                    But if you break in when I am home, you will have to deal with a razor sharp 9" Tanto. Or 15Lb sledge - your choice. Copper sledges and dead blow mallets optional. Touch my cats and you WILL know pain. (those are my baby girls).

                    I think all our computers would disappear before the tools... (criminals are so stupid)


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                      I think that "Beware of the Thrud" should do it!
                      Barking dogs and good neighbors are your best defense against most crooks. I have a good security system (I installed it) with motion detectors, and neighbors who will investigate the alarm. If I am around, criminals will be greeted with a loaded 12 gauge. As Thrud says, replacement cost insurance is the best bet after the fact.


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                        Once saw this sign-

                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          I am renting right now, and live sort of inner-city, 50X100 lot on a nieghbor hood street. a little close to "crank flats" for my tastes but it had a shop. I work at home on antiques, my tools are of relativley little value compared to the antiques. I have dealt with insuance for mail when an antique vanished in route. they wanted me to prove value. that can be a very hard thing to do. registering the antiques that I work on can cost several hundred dollars and 4 months to a year in time. this is something that is just not feasable. I have been doing this kind of work for a while, but have had an "agent" where the stuff is shipped to, but his place is built like a brick sh*ter. katy bars , cement walls, razor tape(on the flat roof), alarm system, sheet metal and plywood over ground level windows and bars over all the others. the guy that lived there before him was an arms dealer, so he just sort of took down the electric stuff and made it look less like a prison. I am working on a web sight now, and will have things shipped to me, and some dropped of. just thought that I would fill in the details. that will kidnda blow my anonymous cover. your right, locks keep honest people honest. what about the rest? poison ivy? broken glass?


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                            Saw a security sign that said:

                            Smile ! you are on candid camera !
                            When you hear a noise, face it please, as we also need a profile shot for the lineup!


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                              An M1 carbine can be had with a 30 round clip. If you shot the thing the employees jump at the noise. Shoot again and people look around. Shoot the third and fourth time and people ask what the hell you are doing. If you keep shooting at about round 20 people are starting to run. It is a real deterrent to employee theft when they think the boss is spooky at times. I never did this but a friend who has a auto salvage business says it works wonders with employees who might tend to be theives and who have friends who like to come around at night.