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Machining figures, verification please...

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  • Machining figures, verification please...

    Hi all, with a lot of help from this forum, thanks all, i think i have now got enough data on horizontal milling to have a stab at it. Could someone verify the soundness of these figures please? Bearing in mind that it is a home shop so cutter life is paramount, time taken is irrelevant.

    Mild steel, .125" slotting saw, 120f/min, .001"chipload, 4" dia saw with 36 teeth, 114 rpm, 4"/min feedrate, flood coolant.

    Cast iron, 4DP gear cutter, 80f/min, .002" chipload, 3.625" dia cutter with 10 teeth, 84 rpm, 1.7"/min feedrate, no coolant.

    If they sound reasonable and safe then i've got it sussed. If not then what direction should i adjust which figure?


    If it does'nt fit, hit it.

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    figures .ho hum ..
    IF i was you i would just start off slowly and work up to as fast as you can go and feel comfortable with.

    the machine and your senses will tell you when you're going at it too much...vibration..wear on the cutters ..will be the feed back ..

    beginners will need those figures ..but you ain't a beginner and i know you will not need them.

    and you ain't into repetitive production either.

    i bet you know already how much you can push your lathe........well this is a lathe that just works back to front ..

    all the best.markj


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      Thanks for the confidence boost mark,

      i really wanted some idea of where is the "safe area" i.e. start of light and work up to these figures then play about a bit. Rather than dive in and shoot straight past the mark and into dodgy waters of too much feed etc.

      Lathes are easy, well my lumps are even the bridgy is ok now, but i buggered a few cutters up on the way to my present point. This one seems a bit different in that it has far more spindle HP than the bridgy, the cutters are all massive (compared to an endmill) and i have never used one before.

      I guessed that if i reach the figures i thought of, at least "i'm doing ok" rather than "should i be pushing harder?" or "why do the cutters keep dieing on me?"

      Its just self-assurance i guess.

      If it does'nt fit, hit it.