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  • ot - Alone in the wilderness

    I'm going to stick my neck out a little here on an ot topic. I ran across a show on TV (rare for me, the TV hater) that has really caught my attention. The title is "Alone in the wilderness".

    There is a fellow that spent a good chunk of his life in the wilderness of Alaska. He made some film of his adventure and kept a diary of daily events. Later on, a 1 hour show was created from his footage. He lived there till he was 82 years old!

    Basically, this fellow decided to disappear from every day life after a near tragic accident (so I have read elsewhere but wiki does not reflect this) and go into the mountains of Alaska and survive off the land. He documents building a cabin, a bit of hunting, fishing, and pondering life.

    If you see this on tv try to catch it. It is similar to what we do but more "rustic" and barren. The notion of "I dont need to buy stuff" attitude runs wild around here and this fellow has a similar attitude.

    Here is a link to a wiki page.

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    Rockrat.....watched it twice on PBS.......awsome!.......Dean


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      The area where Dick lived is now part of Lake Clark National Park. There are videos on Youtube of people flying to Dick's cabin and hiking around.


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        Watched it Twice

        I also watched it twice. He was an excellent woodworker. I really enjoyed watching him work.


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          Agree - one of the most interesting diaries I've ever seen. Those films are a treasure.


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            Agree, concur, and I am in full concord with the general sentiment. "Alone in the Wilderness" records events in a life not only well lived but a example worthy of emulation.

            When I was a kid we had a number of hermits in our largely wilderness county. They were WW II vets who had a hard row adapting to life after war. We had a new batch from the Korean War, and another from Viet Nam. Few were as self sufficient or and masterful in the use of wilderness material as Dick Proenneke but they were alike in taking up a life separate from "civilization". I used to take groceries to a buhnc who had a little village or comune near Sequim and another group had regular bus service.

            Getting back to Dick Proenneke, he's a guy we could all learn a few lessons from.