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A tragedy for 2 wheeler fans

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  • A tragedy for 2 wheeler fans

    Reported in our morning paper this am:

    <<A huge fire at Britain's National Motorcycle Museum has destroyed 650 bikes and caused damage estimated at 8 million pounds.
    The museum holds about 900 of the world's fastest and most expensive vintage motorbikes. Only 250 were saved. The cause of the fire was a mystery.>>

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    Probably lucas "Lord of darkness" demons at work?

    I used to know a brit rider that carried a flashlight and duct tape thou.

    Anyplace with stored gasoline vehicles is subject to erupt in flames.

    I sat this dirty towel on fire in my shop last week, smoked the whole place up. The cutting torch caught it up from 30 feet away.


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      I don't build or ride bikes like some on this list, but a few years back I went to the Guggenhiem in NYC to see the motorcycle show. Wow! what a history lesson in technology, and what Art! Sorry that the fire happened, hopefully some of the talented builders in GB and US can rebuild or salvage what is left.


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        That is a real tragedy, I would love to have seen those machines. I grew up regarding British motorcycles with much respect !


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          It sucks when history burns
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Remember Mike Hailwood ? Now there's a guy that could "burn" on a road racing bike !