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Old CAD/CAM software compatible with Vista?

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  • Old CAD/CAM software compatible with Vista?

    My laptop is starting to get a little long in the tooth, time for a new one.

    What are the odds that CAD and CAM software that runs on XP 32 bit would work on Vista or 7?

    Would Vista 32 bit be safer than 64 bit?

    If nothing runs on my fancy Vista machine is installing my old XP an option (I'm thinking about drivers and such)

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    Not sure about most cad/cam stuff, but I do know that when I got a laptop with Vista 64 that a fair percentage of software I had that worked under Win2K and XP would not run. I ended up downgrading to Vista32. That helped with some but a few things still would not work. Wish I had done XP instead.

    I was able to get my old Autocad LT 2000 to work OK on 32, could never get an old version (I forget which version) of Autodesk Inventor to work at all.

    "Compatibility mode" mostly was nothing of the sort and did not help at all.

    Win7 supposedly addresses much of that, you have to decide if you believe that or not.


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      Dual-boot to an XP partition

      Since most new laptop will have hard drives of 250Gb or more split that into two partitions and install XP on one. Google "Windows dual boot" or "multi boot" and you will find articles on how to go about it.

      That way you can boot in to XP when you need to use it and the older software.

      My current laptop has an AMD 64 processor but I will stay with 32 bit OSes until the software manufacturers catch up.



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        Originally posted by hitnmiss
        Would Vista 32 bit be safer than 64 bit?
        Yes, definitely. Win64 is an PITA, because it needs 64-bit drivers, and since the market share is infinitesimally small, the hardware vendors either don't write them, or do a half-assed job on them.

        If the app runs in Win2K/WinXP it will run generally run in Vista, unless it has a custom kernel-mode driver, which almost no CAD has...
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