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    I want to build a plasma cutting table for an Optical Eye plasma Head. I have to machine eight Aluminumn 5 inch dia. wheels with a big 45 degree groove in the centre to run onto a piece of 2 inch angle sitting with the v up. Whats the best way to plunge out this section of 45 degrees from the material in a efficient manner. Audrey

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    I'd mill or cut a slot down the middle to the depth of the V, then use a 90* chamfering cutter. A HSS multi-tooth cutter should be just fine for aluminum.


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        You couldn't just buy cast iron caster wheels with the groove already in them? Yes, they make 'em that way. Call your local caster supply house.


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          I'm curious.....and maybe others are also.

          You always seem to come up with some interesting jobs, but it appears you don't have a tremendous background in different machining processes. Some of the past projects you've inquired about were just plain hard to do.

          How is it that you have these jobs? Do you have your own shop?

          If you'd care to tell us more about these jobs that'd be interesting. If you'd rather not, that's fine too.




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            They're called "V-Groove Track Wheels" and are available from:
            for about $20 each in cast iron with the bearings. See page 1190 of their catalog.

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            Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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              I'm with DR.

              And, you don't exactly mess with the small stuff, do you? It's more like, "How do I make the gears for this drawbridge?", or "The camshaft in my diesel locomotive is busted..."


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                "....drawbridge gears..." That's funny!
                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                  He probably has a lot of "friendly neighbors". I get a few request like that.
                  1. Can you help me weld this 10,000lb. counter weight to my oil derick?
                  2. Can you get a 30" flywheel on your lathe?
                  3. Can you pour new babbitt in this 2,000lb connecting rod?

                  1. "I just need a few scratches touched up on the the top of my cab." -- The guy's truck rolled over.
                  2. "Can you fix cracks in glass?" -- Bullets don't make cracks, they make HOLES.
                  3. "Can you weld my front bumper back on?" -- Looked like a train took the whole front-end off.

                  No mater the request when people find out you can fix things, they come out of the woodwork.


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                    Hmmmmm...we must have the same nieghbors,I hear the "can you tack something together for me"-three days later the cylinder is back in the dumptruck
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      If you have square inserts on any of your lathe tools you can plunge them - Aluminum is no big deal. You can also do this with a threading tool or triangular insert. If you set the compound 45* over to the tailstock side of the disk and then align the opposite cutting edge to 45* off the surface then you could use the compound to infeed (like in threading) and you will get a nice 90* groove.