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    I bought a set of oriental parallels from CDCO. They seem fine except that the cramping slits need tidying up a bit, and the locking screws are sorta cheesy. That is, they started life as Phillips pan heads of some tiny metric, (I think,)thread. Some of them have been sanded into flatheads, while others still have a vestige of curvature. I would like to replace them with allen heads, but how do I determine the thread size? I dont believe that the run-of-the-mill metric screw gauge is fine enough; these seem to be in the 64-80 thread range. And yes I KNOW that that is not how I am supposed to describe metric threads! Any suggestions? Thanks Duffy
    Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec

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    Measure the outside diameter of the screw thread, It should be slightly smaller than nominal size in mm.

    Sneaky pete says never mind on the gage. Do this.
    put a micrometer over the screw head end and get a reading as it is unscrewing somewhere. Then turn it in or out ONE or TWO or Three exact turns and measure again.
    Then you have your lead (metric pitch) x1 or x2 or x3 whatever the turns you did.

    Hth Ag


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      I had this red head midget gal once and....



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        Damn, AG that's clever. I will try to remember that trick. It would work with a depth mic and a piece of tool steel if you can't get to both sides of the part.

        I like that idea a lot.
        It's only ink and paper