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  • All geared up----

    Quite literally!!! I called around yesterday to a couple of photocopier repair shops, asking if I could root thru their "Junk bin" in search of any small gears that they might be throwing away. One of the repair shops said that they no longer repaired the old non digital copiers, but that I could come over and have their entire stock of "New" spare parts of the shelves, as they no longer had any use for them. In addition to what you see in the picture, they also gave me two enormous old photocopiers, complete, that are full of gears, sprockets, and miniature drive chains. Unfortunatey, most of the gears are nylon, but Hey---I can work with that!!! However right now, I am tired of playing with model steam engines, tired of reading books, tired of playing on the internet----In short, I need some real work. I sure hope things pick up soon and I get a design contract before I go absolutely gaga.---Brian
    Brian Rupnow

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    Good find Brian!

    Years ago, before the dumps clamped down, I went through a local dump and ripped out the transmissions of several wringer washers. All metal gears at least 3 pairs per machine, and lots of helical pairs.

    Might be another source for you.
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      Good score, You could now build a light duty Geometric chuck, Goggle it, An amazing piece of equipment invented a few hundred years ago.



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        Nice score. Don't forget the electronics too...switches, micro switches,
        beautiful ground rods and stepper motors. Lots more.



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          I even got a 1/3hp 3600/28rpm output gearmotor outta a laser photocopyer once. and some chain and spockets.

          awsome stuff in them. tons of motors and solanoids. you'll find those *wide* nylon gears to transmit a supriseing amount of power, and the bevel ones will be very quite
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            I just know I'm going to do something crazy with some of these gears----

            Brian Rupnow


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              Out damned gears!!!

              Funny you should mention that Brian.

              Only in the last few days, I got sick and tired of my A3 photocopier which was getting increasingly more unreliable and difficult to use. It was "chock-a-block" full of gears shafts, screws and electronics. I pulled it apart to the last screw and separated the PCB's and other electronics out and took it all to the tip (waste disposal) yesterday.

              I bought a "Brother" laser multi-function centre (MFC) as it does a very good and quick job as a printer, scanner, copier and fax. Cost was excellent. It was only only a few hundred dollars and the consumables ("toner" and "drum") are relatively cheap and readily available. If I have a problem that is "out of warranty" (2 years) and too expensive to fix I will just upgrade/replace (read: dump) it.

              The old copier owed me nothing as I had 4 good years out of it. It only cost me AU$100 ~ US$85 with two full bottles of toner "thrown in" - and delivered and set up. It was a redundant unit then that nobody wanted and it got the owner a 100 bucks as well as saving him shelf space or dumping fees. He was passing here anyway. His side-line was servicing photo-copies. He had provided our (always redundant but very useful) copiers for years, and he like I, was retiring. So it all worked out very well.

              I couldn't see me needing any of those gears etc. - so out they went.


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                Yep.... Desktop film/print processors are full of gears and shafts - that last one I did has 46 stainless shafts and a few hundred gears. And... heaters, motors, pumps.. gold in my eyes
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                  copier parts

                  Another thing in there is some Al. I got an a very good machined tube that I really have no use for but...? probably will find a neat home for it maybe Wayne. PS. I'm also watching the price of scrap Al; so who knows. Wayne.


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                    Quote by Brian Rupnow
                    [I just know I'm going to do some thing crazy with some of these gears

                    How about a steam powered table feed for your milling machine.


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                      Not Gone to waste.

                      When I had virtually no money to spend on machines I built a little drill press using a bottle capper and a motor from a defunct photocopier. Later on an old friend gave me a small ancient toolpost grinder,( Which looked like it was intended to be driven from an overhead countershaft )by then I was able to buy a cheap drill press so I fitted the photocopy motor to the grinder. Nearly 20 yrs later it is still in use and looks like it will outlast me. An other man's junk can be your gold. Regards David Powell.


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                        Something really, really crazy---
                        Brian Rupnow


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                          Ain't half crazy.

                          I would suggest biasing the axles such that the machine rolls in a circle though. I've seen pictures of Rudy K.'s traction engine doing laps of a barrel end at a show. I have no recollecetion of what might have been done to keep the airline to the boiler from wrapping up and twisting off though...
                          Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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                            Originally posted by brian Rupnow
                            Something really, really crazy---
                            Well, all you need to do now is have the undriven wheels turn an air compressor that will pump air into the motor. Then we can have another long thread about perpetual motion machines, and perhaps you could get a government grant to develop it, and a website to sell shares in it, and you'll get rich, and you'll remember who told you so, and spread your wealth amongst all your cyber-consultants.


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                              Trust Me---

                              Your transmission is the wrong way round, a belt drive should be a primary drive, A single cylinder steam engine( especially a single acting one) produces quite vicious power impulses when trying to start a vehicle from rest, a gear reduction prior to the belt makes things even worse. Simply reverse things use the belt( of whatever sort) as the initial speed reduction and have the gears as the final drive. I rode behind a Mamod stationary engine, fitted on a meccano frame some 45 yrs ago. An attempt to have a vee belt as final drive on a model steam roller while I made gears was a total failure. A toothed belt might have a chance of success on light duty but would be prone to stripping belt teeth if worked hard. regards David Powell.