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    I've been looking for tooling for my Bridgeport milling machine. I need Kwik Switch 200 series holders and either AF (Acura Flex) or AG (Acura Grip) collets. I've recently become aware that Collis makes a Kwik Switch holder. I just bought two Yuasa holders on Ebay but I'm not sure yet that they will work. Do you know of other makers of Kwik Switch tooling. Any tips on searching for tooling?


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    Universal (TSD)...I usually do a "Universal Collet" or simply "Universal" search in the business and industrial section of ebay when looking for such stuff. Even if you search titles and descriptions, if you restrict yourself to the Business and Industrial section you shouldn't get too many returns.

    Edit #1: Just as an aside, if you need something specific, and either it's not on ebay or you need it now, I have found the retail price on Universal products at my local dealer to be pretty reasonable as far as machinery goes.

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      J&L sells the Collis equivalents. Until the end of the month they're having a 15% off sale on most items in their new catalog. Might be a good time to pick up a few holders. Mention code "cat15" when ordering to get discount.

      I have two of the 200 series Collis holders which use ER25 collets and they're my most used holders.


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        I also use the 200 kwik switch. I use end mill holders and find that they hold the end mills much better. I use a straight shank, with a flat spot for use with drill chuck or other holders. MSC sells the universal (kwick switch) as well as the collis. For the universal, get a catolog directly from universal and give the part num to MSC, they discount a little.


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          I really like the idea of the Collis holder that uses the ER series collets. I don't know if they are any better, but at least they aren't rare like the AF or AG collets seem to be. Also I think the prices are more in line. Tool holders in the Kwik Switch line retail for about $180 each which is way out of my range for the holder and I haven't been able to locate any AF collets locally but they'll order them for me for about $30 each. Thats too much. Maybe once I can make some money with my hobby I won't feel as bad about the prices. The mill is cheap compaired to the tooling!