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OT: Web browser graphic downloads "time out"

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  • OT: Web browser graphic downloads "time out"

    Does anyone know if there is any way change the settings on either Internet Explorer or Chrome to prevent graphics-intensive Web page downloads from "timing out"?

    To explain: I have a very slow Internet connection. Consequently, my Web browser(s) "give up" and quit downloading large or multiple graphics. Many times I'll get only a fraction of a JPEG and then downloading will stop. When I click on "reload" or "refresh" the browser seems to "think" that I've received the entire graphic(s) and it does not even attempt to obtain the file another time.

    Years ago when I used Netscape, it did not exhibit this behavior. It would grind away for as long as it took.

    At one time I thought I had it licked when I clicked on Chrome's "Open image in new tab," but even that does not work.

    For me, this is actually an on-topic query because quite often I cannot download shop-hint or how-to graphics.

    My work-around solution is very unhandy: Forward the link to my laptop, go to a coffee shop wireless hot-spot in town, and download the graphics. That wipes out a good half-day, or more, of time in the shop. Consequently, I've not been to a hot-spot all summer.

    Thank you.

    So many projects. So little time.

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    Usually they "time out" if the file size is too large. Of course, you can't do anything about somebody elses files. The other is your download engine is not downloading fast enough, and it "times out".
    I handle a lot of digital photos (an unfortunate by-product of owning a digital camera) and have discovered most people have problems downloading them in their original format and size. Another problem is downloading too many photos at once. After all, they're just numbers, and the computer only sees them as huge piles of numbers.
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