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Taxing you to exhale !

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  • Taxing you to exhale !

    I believe it was on here that somebody was being a smart a$$, and said in one of the discussions a while back that "they will taxing us to breathe soon.

    This was posted on a boiler/ full size steam engine site.

    here is the part and the the link will follow:
    In addition to carbon dioxide, the EPA said five other emissions are believed to cause warming when they concentrate in the atmosphere: methane, which is emitted by gassy cows as well as steam boilers; nitrous oxide, found in cooking sprays and used as anesthesia by dentists, better known as laughing gas; hydrofluorocarbons, which are used in refrigerators and aerosols; perfluorocarbons, a gas permeated by fire extinguishers, refrigerators and high end ski waxes; and sulfur hexafluoride, more commonly known for its use in circuit breakers, switchgear and other electrical equipment.

    There were some stories a couple of months ago on it, when the public comment part came out.
    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
    I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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    it may be interesting to see how the "unintended consequences" of any legislation to limit "bad stuff" turns out........

    "Interesting" can have several meanings, and time will tell which is proper.

    Taxing exhalation would seem to be not in line with the founder's documents.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      It's become increasingly clear to me that the only time stupidity ends is when the budget runs out. Nonsense like the EPA's stand on global warming and the proposed rate schedule I saw for farm animal emissions (and a gazillion other new proposals by the gov't) will only be slowed down by public outcry ... but stopped dead in its tracks by lack of funding.


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        i have been doing my best with the cow emission problem. but they breed faster then i can eat them.


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          Bob, LOL That was a good one.



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            Originally posted by J Tiers
            it may be interesting to see how the "unintended consequences" of any legislation to limit "bad stuff" turns out........

            "Interesting" can have several meanings, and time will tell which is proper.

            Taxing exhalation would seem to be not in line with the founder's documents.
            I remember reading (no attrbution, so I can't verify) about a change in the formulation of the foam insulation on the fuel tanks of the space shuttle - made necessary by the CFC ban and other green considerations. The new formulation was said to be less durable, shedding foam on occasion.

            Unintended consequences?
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              if CO2 is as bad as stated, then there should be a CO2 surcharge on gyms and athletic teams. they release much more CO2 than me, and the business they engage in seems to actually be geared towards emitting even more CO2. perhaps each human should be given a lifetime CO2 allowance and once reached they send you off to the soylent green tanks. if you die before using your allotment, you can sell it or leave it in your will to someone.

              andy b.
              The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                If it is from Fox News it is BullSh!t


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                  Originally posted by JoeFin
                  If it is from Fox News it is BullSh!t

                  Some people are afraid of the truth!


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                    Originally posted by JoeFin

                    If it is from Fox News it is BullSh!t
                    It's from the EPA and it is BullSh!t.


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                      Unintended consequences you say?

                      Get this - I don't know why some dumbazz at the epa didn't think of it when they enacted the ban on R12...

                      You've got a refrigerator right? Everyone pretty much has one.

                      It uses R12, but R12 is bad for the ozone, so even though R12 is monumentally better at transferring energy (cooling) than anything else (which means it needs to run less to do the job), we have to get rid of it because it's bad for ozone if the R12 ever gets out (when ozone is unstable anyway and constantly breaking down without any human involvement and no one has ever proven the cfc's even make it that high into the atmosphere).

                      Now you take that fridge and you outlaw it, but the replacement uses R134a which is less efficient. So now, rather than only having an environmental impact on the devices failure (obviously leaking out the freon is not an intended outcome in regular service), you have a device which consumes volumes more energy over it's entire life-cycle, which I would argue has an GREATER negative impact on the environment, and also puts additional stresses on the electrical grid. Remember EVERYONE has one of these things (at least one!)...

                      This is the way the EPA handles problems.

                      I wish someone in government would use their fing heads once in a while.


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                        i just sent this to "act on co2 uk gov site yesterday

                        Subject: Possibly Millions of computers running through the night.

                        Possibly Millions of computers running through the night.

                        Hello there,

                        Are you aware that ISP's (independent service providers..our servers)
                        have got this peak usage scheme.

                        This peak usage scheme used to start at 8pm.

                        So, if you wanted to download a number things through the torrent sites
                        ..or watch on-line at the bbc.........after 8pm it would be
               you would not exceed your months peak usage quota.

                        Go to bed switch the comp off ..and that''s it

                        Right ....

                        Over the last couple of years they have moved the goal posts ...first to
                        10pm to 12 pm..most isps have gone this way!!

                        Meaning in effect. if you want to download anything ...youve got to
                        leave your comp going all the off-peak period

                        So using up to 500 watts per hour of power, all night every night..
                        .........max would be 4 units every night
                        typical would be 200 watts and 1.6 units per night.

                        Yes, i know you can set your comp to turn off......but most people
                        wouldnt............and ever since i can remember doesn't always
                        turn off.........this a Microsoft fault on most systems

                        So then ..........just think ..........500 watts times 8 hours times
                        7 days times 52 weeks ..........times a couple of million people doing
                        it..........instead of switching off and going to bed like they used to

                        bet, this adds a large percentage to your co2 figures.

                        So, think again, long and hard ..about telling people to switch
                        appliances off, that are on standby .........because in my honest
                        opinion it pales as insignificant.... when compared with the above

                        Will you act on this ..

                        either email or phone will do

                        If you bother at all never did last time i wrote.

                        i did get a reply to this ten mins ago

                        Thank you for your email.

                        Feedback like yours will help to inform further development of the


                        The ACT ON CO2 Team
                        so hope they are listening.

                        all the best.....Mark Jones
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                          Just shows how far behind the US is with respect to the Hydroflourocarbon problem, We have Fridge mountains in the UK, the refridgerant has to be extracted with specialised equipment, it's against the law to let it freely gas off from scrap units.

                          Also, from Sept. 1st, it will be illegal to sell, unless existing stocks, of incandescent lightbulbs, everything has to be the energy saving crap low light rubbish.

                          She who thinks SMBO broke the glass on one of the new ones the other day. After declaring WW3 and ushering everyone to the shelters due to the Mercury Vapour fallout, I pulled the top off the plastic shroud round the bottom.

                          OK., which dipstick has decided these are energy saving??

                          1 Printed circuit panel.
                          3 Transformers.
                          2 Power transistors.
                          6 Diodes.
                          4 Capacitors plus 1 Electrolytic.
                          10 ? Resistors.

                          ALL of which goes in the bin when the tube is dead.

                          Green Planet?? Bollocks Mr. Energy Minister.

                          Disregards Ian.
                          You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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                            a local chain of hardware stores sell miniature compact fluorescents for chadiliers..(Home Bargains)

                            have a feeling that when i take them out again possibly a couple of years time ..they all will bust.

                            the glass is so thin ..i broke two of them just twisting them in to the bayonet holders .

                            all the best.markj


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                              How did we allow so many bureaucratic idiots take over our lives? CFLs are the biggest pile of rubbish to come down the pipe. In addition to high failure rates, potential fire hazards, etc., AND have you seen the prices on them lately ... check out 100W units for a sticker shock ... They are going to landfills by the millions except for areas that have "garbage police".

                              Joefin, Fox news is not bullsh-t. It generally covers the news without leaving out "little tidbits" that CNN or MSNBC would to either exonerate their "friends" or paint a darker picture of their "enemies". As far as Fox's non-news shows, they generally had no problem pointing out flaws or blunders in the Bush administration and do the same now for the current administration. I can't tell you how many times I listened to coverage of a news topic on which I had done some background and realized that CNN simply left out the "inconvenient truth".

                              My 20+ son told me that he saw nothing wrong with CNN and quote "what was my problem?". I suggested that he watch for a while and pay very close attention to the omissions using other respected sources. It opened his eyes as to how a story can be twisted to serve ones agenda while claiming to present "the news".
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