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Almost rival them scottish eggs, my hot pickled ones

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  • Almost rival them scottish eggs, my hot pickled ones

    Carrol says this is a snow globe.. it has Baby dill, dill weed, dill seed, and canning salt.. and about a inch of vinegar in the bottom, about ten pickling peppers, and a cayenne for "pretty".. I fill them with eggs and then pour boiling water over them.. about a week and half?? The eggs are a proper pickled yellow about a quarter inch deep.. about a month.. they are so spicy when you bite them, they bite you back. They have not lasted longer than that yet..

    Don't stand behind someone who has ate these.
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    That looks good. I had a friend that raised Pharo Quail. They start laying when they are six weeks old so it is not long until you are hip deep in quail eggs. His wife started pickeling them. This recipe would sure make some good poppers.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX


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      It all can't be throwing metal chips?>?

      Here.. a quart of them quail eggs will set you back $20.. And they are not as good.. Note the UNIVERSAL brine mix that I use to can green pickled tomatoes mix?? it is not hot enough for straight tomato mix.. they suck up the heat. Add jalapenos..

      <cut and paste from facebook>
      OUR first year of canning, garden produce. We cringe at the expense of the quart jars.. Hopefully we can reuse them again next year. Hope you enjoy all this as much as we..

      Jam, apple jelly w/pulp. I extracted the juice with the Juiceman2 juicer.. had all this pulp left over.
      Peels/pulp covered with water, pressure cooked for 20 minutes and ran through food mill, screened out seeds. Put 12 cups back into pot and Bring to boil, add 8 cups sugar, bring to boil again. Add a tablespoon of “real lemon” juice.

      Here, this elevation, I learned to bring to 235 degrees temperature, it must boil down reducing itself to beome jelly and natural pectin stiffen the mix up.. to make jelly, you want it to “sheet” off a spoon in one slide. Cool a small section and see it Jell.. This is painful, it make bubbles as it boils that are like HOT lava. It is so stiff as you continous stir it that it leaves wakes behind the spoon when it is ready to jar up. Different levels of pectin in different apples, or adding suregell changes everything in the way it sets up. Some set up much sooner.

      NOW the pie filling? I'd bring it to 220 degrees, it never jelled, so it was Apple Spread.. good, but better canned with apples making pie filling.
      Pie filling, Peel, core and slice up apples, add 1 pint apple spread (jelly that did not jell) and fill remainder with sliced apples. This gives a quart of pie filling, hot water can for 20 minutes, cooking apples mostly.

      PIE CRUST, namebrands.. ok? Crisco, White Lilly all purpose flour (no baking powder)
      2 cups all purpose flour
      ½ cup crisco shortning, cut in with fork or pastry blender (wire mixer) so it disappears into the flour.
      1/2-3/4 cup cold water, Mix knead, roll into play dough consistiency.. when it is balling and working evenly, cut into two balls, flatten one out on a floured flat surface, roll out with pin to about 1/8” thick.. lay this into the pan you are going to use, brush with butter, bake 400 degrees for 7 minutes (partially cook) then take out and add quart of pie filling.. spread around pie crust.. Nanny used a iron skillet.. then roll out the other half of crust ball into flat, cut with knife into strips and lay onto pie filling.. pinching edges if you like. Bake 400 degrees for 45-55 minutes.. crust if it does not brown to perfection, broil roast it to brown on top after brushing it with butter..

      I have made this pie now five times, each time it is so good I want to make a glutton of myself.

      Canning our tomatoes?? what I did..

      Canning Tomatoe paste:
      1 quart tomatoes
      1 large bell pepper
      1 white onion
      ½ tbspoon italian seasoning
      1 tablespoon salt
      1 tablespoon black pepper
      Teaspoon vinegar in bottom of jar when canning.

      Core cut bad spots out of tomatoes, run through food processor, pour puree into pressure cooker, add pureed other vegetables, pressure cook 45 minutes, pour up HOT into sterile jars, I then pressure cook it in jars at 10psi steam in pressure cooker for another 45 minutes.. It is darkened at this point, much thicker. Leave in pressure cooker till pressure drops to room tempatures so it all does not boil out.

      I am afraid of Tomatoes, they have botulism in the skins.. that is why they skin them to can them.. that is why I boil them so long in the pressure cooker. Oxygen keeps the botulism in check, canning in a pressure cooker removes the oxygen.. So be careful.

      Pickled Hot mix
      Green tomatoes, small, size of golfballs, quartered.
      2-3 cucumbers per jar
      1 vidiala onion sliced
      4-6 pickling peppers
      1 cayenne pepper (Doc calls this a green bean)
      ½ tablespoon dill seed
      1 dill head
      ¼ tablespoon dill weed
      ¼ tablespoon mustard seed
      DOC modified, add to califlower.. but this makes a califlower crud in bottom of jar..

      cold pack this...
      Brine: 1 cup vinegar
      ½ cup pickling salt
      1 ½ quarts water.. bring to boil, pour over cold packed jars..

      Hot water can 20 minutes.. Pressure cook 10-15 minutes , more makes mush...
      Very good, heat from peppers goes into pickles and other veggies in jar.. DOC has been eating this like it is going out of style.. he bought the last jars to can it with.. thought he was getting 2 jars for his $15.. I sent 5 home with him..

      Carrols Plum Jam..
      5 cups plums chopped plums De pit plums, cut out bad spots.. about 2 lbs..
      3 cups sugar
      ¾ cup water
      IN a large pot boil them down adding sugar continous stirring, skins actually boil down into jam.. it stiffens up making about 2 pints of plum jam.. plum quality has all to do with end result.. the kid who gave us the bag of plums said it is “OFF THE HOOK” whatever that means?? Process in hot water canner for 15 minutes..

      Something good: take the Mint plants here, strip the leaves and pack 2 cups into a measuring cup, pour 2 cups boiling water over it, steep 20 minutes, take it into your hand and squeeze the juice out. Problem using it? it is strong. varies.. you have to add it to "taste". Otherwise you end up with PTOOIE... It smells like childhood memories of wrigleys chewing gum. I feel I should rub it behind my ears. I'll add this to my recipes..
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        You can take the boy out of the tavern but you can't take the tavern out of the boy !

        Looks good David! I envy you the ability to take the time to have some fun.
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        Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

        It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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          YOD: you bought yourself one of them motor-sickle lifts yet or are ya still crawling around on the floor trying to polish that rascal??

          Note the "pickled green tomato mix".. if you want to get down on some "beer" food... kinda spicy.. Kinda salty.. with beer it is a meal.. once you open a jar around a bunch of bikers you can throw that "lid" away..

          (polishing a motorsickle)... well I forget that crazy french girl's name.. but she was outside in a bikini on her hands and knees with a toothbrush cleaning between the springs on the panhead.. I heard a crash.. looked out and two cars had collided right in front of the house..
          When it was all said and done, there was a puddle of blood and a puddle of anti-freeze in the road.

          Beware.. of tiny french girls that stick their rumps in the air.. it may cause a accident.
          Excuse me, I farted.


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            We have a Chili Petine pepper that grows wild here. Wild turkeys eat them. So some people call them Turkey peppers. They are round BB sized red balls. They are hot but good flavor. My BIL can eat them but they are too hot for me to eat directly. They are especially good in pinto beans. Would also work in the pickeled eggs.
            Byron Boucher
            Burnet, TX


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              I got a question; do you peal the egg then put in jar and pickle them?


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                Jeremy... here's da trick.. okay..

                Boil your eggs, I normally bring them to a rolling boil, then place the pot off the burner and cover it. *wife taught me that.. They'll continue to cook since they are "hot" and the heat holds in from the lid. Let them sit hot for 15 minutes off the eye..

                Then cool them down with cool water from the faucet.. then OK.. here is the tricky part..

                Take a spoon crack the shell, slide the spoon under the shell, see how it fits the curvature of the egg.. just work it around the egg and flip the shell right off.. takes about three seconds once you got the hang of it.

                THEN.. the pickling sauce can get to the goodie inside..

                Pickled eggs do not have a extreme shelf life.. only about 60 days from what I remember. They don't last that long around here. I've ate them in bars that gave me the "gotta go's".. No clue how old them were.

                When this is most fun is right after easter when you got all them eggs around.. but.. I ain't so proud I can't boil a few here and there.

                Measurements on the spices?? well..
                1/2 teaspoon dill weed.. *ground up... like spice..
                1/2 teaspoon dill seed..
                1 dill head *the green frond...
                1/4 teaspoon canning salt..
                1" white vinegar in the jar..
                sometimes.. I put a 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder..
                I think about 8 eggs.. but boiling water makes the "brine" the "hot water" also decreases the "pickle time" they have to take a set and turn a proper yellow and pick up spices. after a month they have hit their peak.

                I wanna raise some chickens here.. some big fat ones that lay big eggs.. I used to work with a electrician with a chickenhouse.. he'd bring us flats of double-yoker eggs.. wild ones.
                Excuse me, I farted.