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Thread Stops, Anyone use them?

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  • Thread Stops, Anyone use them?

    I found four of these things in the lot I got a while back. I didn't know what they were until I saw this one on e-Bay. The only difference is that mine are the two-piece style.

    Since I found them in storage, I wonder if anyone actually uses them. If so, how would it be set up? For each pass or total DOC?

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    Looks handy. I assume there is a gib screw on the right hand side to lock it in place. It would be usefull if you were doing a lot of pieces the same.
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      They are clamped to the cross slide ways to limit travel. Used when cutting threads to reset cross slide for repeat cuts. They eliminate the need to relocate zero each time. Speed up threading a bit, easy to make if you do not have for your particular lathe.
      There is an adjustable screw in the hole in middle of casting for fine adjustment.
      Jim H.


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        Funny you should mention this - it is the very thing I have been contemplating for the last 2 weeks while cleaning the shop.