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  • Most exciting taxi rides

    I don't ride taxis every day and limos only a dozen times or more. I remember one taxi ride in San Francisco that we were glad to survive. It was like the "Streets of San Francisco" TV show. The guy would speed up to pass on the downhill and skid to a stop at the intersections. I wanted to bail out at every corner. Other times I have wanted my driver to "push it" a little. I've had some excellent drivers that really knew the streets and knew how to get there FAST. One time in a limo, a girl had to go REAL bad. I told my driver that she had to go real bad, and he did amazing feats of driving. He circumvented intersections. Crossed through 7-11's, drove on the oncoming lanes to pass. It really was wonderful. Nothing like being in a Limo violating all the rules of the road and the traffic was "making room" for us to get through. I tipped him well but I don't know if he really gets what he deserved.

    At the end I had to go as bad as she did.


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    I flagged a cab in downtown Toronto, needed to get to the airport. Got one right away. As we proceeded through the city the driver kept switching a small device under the dash, not looking where he was driving. I asked what what he was doing. It was a device that circumvented some sort of radio-location system that would reveal that he was not in the prescribed zone. When we reached the freeway I noticed a serious effort on his part to hold the steering wheel on one side. It also was quite alarming due to the number of unusual clanks, rattles and whines that emanated from the vehicle. Upon reaching the airport I breathed a sigh of relief, paid him the set rate, and bid good riddance.

    That wasn't as bad as the time I flew from east coast to west coast on an L 1011 and smelled electrical smoke at 39,000 feet.
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      Mexico - Juarez. One armed driver with a broken off floor gearshift in a 1964 Ford Fairlane. The year, 1988. Many people on the streets, fast driving, took the tour, scared ...well.....did not have to for a week.... Stopped at a market place, got a sombrerro for a friend, the driver gets in an arguement with another driver, then a vendor, we get in the cab, chased by all of them, being pelted with cans, whatever they had, about five by then. Think he took a parking spot for someone or something, or I heard something about " beautiful sister(translated from the spanish I knew)...."...then all hell breaks loose, we get in the car, the yelling going, gears grinding, into gear, then grab the wheel, and away we go into a pile of traffic and walkers. This was early in the trip, this guy was a fun but slightly Manson type nut case, and us crazy college road trippers were just having the time of our lives, maniacal driving, hanging out the windows, yeeeehaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Got the guys pic, one arm, missing below his elbow. Always amazed me how he shifted with a three inch shift stub on the floor, and was able to keep us on the road.

      Got back to about 100 yards from the bridge across the Rio Grande, tipped the guy about 5 bucks, for in the hour we were driven around by him, he gave the three of us college kids the great "road trip" memory of all.
      CCBW, MAH


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        Hello All,

        I too called for a cab in Toronto, and was picked up by a driver that lets just say was not from Toronto. We then picked up my buddy and proceded to go to work. Which was a 45 minute drive at that time of day. We drive to the highway and all is ok, get on the highway and I start to smell something like plastic burning. I mention to my buddy about it, and he says the samething. I tell the driver. He says "NOOO NOOO NOOO everthing ok" continues on. Only its getting stronger and smoke is starting come from what seems like under the dash. Again I express my concerns to this guy. He again says something along the lines in his best East Indian accent "everything ok, not to worry, everything ok" all the time we are going down the highway in rush hour traffic at 120kms. I tell the guy to pull over, he says he cant stop on the highway, I am getting quite anyoyed at this point. Just about then, the flames start shooting out from under the dash. The car starts filling with smoke. What does he do you say? He rolls down his freaking window! I again tell him to pull over "I cannot pull over, I will have to get off the highway". I freak, the car is on fire as far as I am concerned. Pull it over now I start yelling at him. My friend who is sitting behind this guy is about to grab him buy the neck if he doesnt I am sure. Finally the guy pulls over. We bail from the car. And in probably less than two minutes its fully engulfed in flames. The guy starts asking for his $10.25! I could not believe it. Its February, and atleast the car is burning so we are warm, although standing on the side of a highway. Finally the cops show up on scene and ask everyone what happened and this driver starts telling the cops that we owe him $10.25. The cops are basicly laughing at this point and ask him to show them the meter!
        Two hours later and I am finally at work. Nearly frozen to death but atleast not burnt!

        It was nuts how fast that car went up.



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          I have ridden cab in most large cities in usa and all over asia. The wildest rides were Tokyo- the individuals all drove the same-wild. Next tokyo i would place Chicago- not individuals. Chicago Cobbie's are crazy.
          New yorkers are rude and noisy but not wild IMHO. Mexico, along the border at least the Cobbie's give a good show- squeeze through narrow spaces but not really wild.

          I suspect Cobbie reflect the nations (or locale area persona)- like cars. Tokyo in the fifties still had the "banzai" "Kamikaze"
          thinking. Some one told me tokyo cab drivers live short lives because of the stress not accidents.


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            I had a "scary" ride in Duluth in a stoner's cab. He was pissed when I gave him a Canadian nickle for a tip - I told him I could drag him out of the cab and arrest him for smoking dope if he preferred...

            We had package for Comdex that included a chartered bus from the Airport to the Luxor. The bus driver thought it was interesting for him to talk about his recent trip to the "Chicken Ranch" than to pay attention to his dangerous driving. The funny part was the women listening to what the bus drive was talking about and not knowing what the "chicken ranch was - until my buddy explained it to these church ladies (nicely) - then they freaked! If looks could kill, that bus driver would have been dead, dead, dead.

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              Both of my stories are about Chicago cabbies. One time when at the CES show, our cabbie found out what we were in town for and started telling us about his electronic projects instead of watching where we were going. The freeway was stop and go and he was introducing us to his "pet" integrated circuits hanging from the rearview mirror like dice. One op amp was named Mortimer and the other one was swinging wildly as we almost got killed. He was looking back at us and almost rammed the car ahead--he laid on the brake and swerved into the other lane and just missed several cars stopped for traffic. They all where shaking their fists and yelling and our cabbie said "I guess I scared them!" What about us?

              Another time there was a Chicago cab driver hauling my family around sight seeing and he had a gauze wrap on his head. Being from a small town in Nebraska, I asked him what had happened, like it was any of my business. It turns out that he was hauling two ladies, one older and one younger, around town and looking at all the tourist sites. He asked "Where are you folks from?". Well, they were from South America and took great offense at being called "folks". I guess that is an insulting name to be called. It has something to do with status? Anyway, one of them hit him in the head with a bottle and split his head open and he was off for a month or so while he got his health and courage back. He said he only picked us up because we had 3 little kids and we didn't look too dangerous. Thanks--Mike.


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                Mikes cabbies remind me of a driver I hadin Saigon. The car was one of those old Ciroens (sp) that look like 32 fords. Driver seldom stopped for anything or anyone, he justfladed his lights and charged. When we would almost be hit (a regular occurance), he grins and says "I am just testing his brakes"


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                  A friend worked for several years in NYC as a cabbie.He said whenever he bumped the car ahead,at a stoplight,he'd jump out and run up to the driver's door and yell,"Why the F--- did you just back up?" He said it was wierd how the witnesses would back him up.


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                    Not exactly a cabbie, but a resort(I use the term "resort" very liberally) owner picked me up in Hibbing, MN to take me to Ely to meet up with the men of the family for a week of fishing. His old station wagon would shudder every time we went around a corner. Turning along side of the empty iron mines with only a flimsy fence between me and certain death(some are hundreds of feet deep and filled with some water) had me pretty worried. I asked Richard what that shudder was and said not to worry, that it had been doing that since spring and nothing had fallen off yet. When we stopped off in town to get supplies, I kicked the tires and they wiggled profusely. The gas station "mechanic" that had taken off his snow tires hadn't tightened the lug nuts and Richard had been driving for months like this! The lugs were worn about half way thru and there slots in the wheels from pounding around every corner. Only Divine intervention kept us both from rolling over on some sharp turn.


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                      An ex-girlfriend (a Lawyer) was learning to drive in my 2.4 Turbo LeBaron GTS. Mistake!
                      took a week to clean the poo out of the passenger seat...