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  • Crappy Collets

    Recently purchased a set of Taiwanese 5C collets. Should have my head examined. Is there any way to spring them to make it easier to insert and remove stock?

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    The problem you're seeing is common on the el cheapo collets. Once in awhile I'd buy 5C's from Enco when they had a store in my area. I always took a piece of bar with me to be sure the collet was sprung open enough to get the bar into it.

    You can sometimes "fix" the collets by sticking a screwdriver into the slot on the face of the collet and prying it open a little. We even have to pry on Hardinge collets occasionally when someone actuates the power closer without stock in the collet. The collet gets pulled so far back into the taper it won't spring all the way open again.

    If possible the best solution to your problem would be to return the collets to the seller. By anyone's standards it's not acceptable to have collets in that condition.


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      Bison makes nice 5C's. Lyndex is my first choice because Royal and Hardinge are 2-3 times more money.