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[Shop Design] Storage of Toolholders, Holder Blocks & Ect

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  • [Shop Design] Storage of Toolholders, Holder Blocks & Ect

    I would appreciate any photos and descriptions showing methods
    of organizing collections of lathe tooling. My personal interest is
    in QC/TP holders and holder blocks but any area is a potential
    source of inspiration.

    If this is ground that has already been well-plowed, a reference to
    past threads will be welcomed.


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    Storaage EH>?

    Well Eddie where do you store youre bottles ofm Beer when youre in the shop? I made drink holders theyre everywhere. Burp. But i use gun ammo boxes from msm from the local gun shop. .45 cal my favorite for the smaller cutters . Lots of ammo holders available also if a lot larfer i use a chunk of 2 x 10 wood with a ****load of holes drilled into it. works ok stik em on a shelf later so people come in youre shop say holy **** where died you get all those tools?


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      Look in the back ground of Rich Carlstedt post. Nice work Rich.


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        Thank you Jeremy

        Errol Groff of the New England Model Engineers also has a photo
        that he took this summer when visiting me.

        Took strips of 1/2 plywood and cut dovetails and fastened them behind the lathe for really fast setups.
        The fit is loose, so the tool holder drops in without hesitation.
        The setup allows boring tools, even long ones to be set up without cramming them together.
        Then rows of right / left hand tool holders.
        Most are home made
        Tail stock centers and drill chucks occupy the lower right side and the board has
        Aloris type dovetails so it can be placed anywhere also.
        Green Bay, WI


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          Bob Warfield cataloged some interesting QCTP toolholder storage ideas on his website. Look roughly halfway down this page:


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            This is my setup.

            It's only ink and paper


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              I still think my design is one of the simplest and quickest you'll find. It's just a section of 1/8" x 1/2" flatbar, a couple of bent and drilled tabs on either end, and quick zap with a MIG or TIG.

              I currently have over thirty blocks strewn across two lathes using this style of rack. They're secure, quick to make, and about as inexpensive as you'll find. My shop has plywood walls, so I can just stab a new one about anywhere.

              Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                Pherdie has a nice tree for tool holders, maybe He will see this thread and post a pic.



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                  Storage for collets?

                  On a similar note, I want to make something to store collets (ER25).
                  I ended up just drilling some suitable size holes in a 12mm sheet of HDPE.

                  This does work but I'd like to have a better fit for the collets.
                  What can I use to cut holes with a suitable taper to suit the collets?
                  My place.


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                    Geoff if as your name suggests you are moving to Tumut, I would go to Bunnnings and get one of those plastic boxes with compartments in it. I live at Robertson in the Southern Highlands and rust is a problem, Tumut in winter is a lot the same! You probably don't experience the same problems in Sydney.


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                      Good to hear. I already have the collets in a plastic (Bunnings) box. The problem is that it's only a cheap one and the hinge and catches tend to fatigue and break off with relatively little use. Perhaps a better brand is the key.
                      My place.


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                        Here's mine again:


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                          Originally posted by macona
                          Here's mine again:
                          If only I had that much space! or that many tools :-(
                          My place.


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                            More of the tool tree here at the end of the thread:


                            Though a lot of it is at my work now. Though I am not sure how much longer thats going to last.

                            One problem with my design of my tool tree is I changed from the KDK tool holders to the Suisse Multifix. I have not figured out a good way to hold those yet.


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                              Macona, cool collet rack. Reminds me of the cryogenic embryo storage cylinders in Jurassic Park.