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Mill spindle modification

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  • Mill spindle modification

    The conversation started by frankdc64 has got me to thinking. (yeah,dangerous I know) but my Fairbanks horizontal mill has a #10 B&S taper.

    What would be involved in changing it to a more standard taper? Perhaps a #30 or 40? The spindle has an outside diameter of about 4.125 inches. Would this be large enough to machine out to such a taper? Is there a reamer for this operation? I am betting there isn't.

    Thanks guys.

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    Strip out the whole spindle assembly and replicate with your choice of taper. Sounds big enough to get a #40 taper in their, but I would make a complete new spindle. That way if you need to mill some splines or other bits you at least have a working spindle (albeit the #10 B&S) to do the job with! Get the bearing diameters ground finished for concentricity, and cut the taper and bearing diameters in one setting.

    Read up on how to do spindles in the workshop practice series of books - can't remember the number, but the title is 'Spindles', and it's written by Harprit Sandhu.