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    hello all
    just want to say what a wonderful and stimulating read you all provide here; thanks.

    if i dont learn something every time i sign in, i at least come away with inspiration. this should all be compiled into a book. or maybe you could all be the cast on a (hit?) new TV show? -- i've spent enough time in workshops and machineshops to know theres plenty of slapstick potential

    anyway, was hoping someone could help me out with a DRO question. i've got (an old) one on a bridgeport and i can't figure out what the button labelled "MEMOFIX" does. its a left/right toggle with a red and green dot on either side. i guessed it was some sort of 'memory hold' function.. but toggling it does nothing. is there some keycombo i need to use? if the manufacturer name is important, i'll go out to the shop and read it off. can't recall much now other than it starts with "H".

    good night all and thanks again!

    ps.. how do i post pictures here?

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    First go to and create an account. They will email you a confirmation link. Visit that link to activate your account.

    You will need to scan prints or load your digital images to your computer. They should be resized to about 800 pixels wide or less and saved as jpg files. When you save as a jpg file you usually have the option to save at different quality levels. Avoid using high quality level as the file size increases greatly.

    When you have your images ready, log on to your photobucket account. There you will see a page with a box in the middle that is labeled "Add Picture" with a button beside it labeled "Browse". The Browse button allows you to look on your computer for the image you wish to upload to photobucket. When you find it select it with the mouse and click the "Open" button. Then, on the photobucket page, check the keep my picture names box if you wish. Click the "Submit" button. This will upload your picture to your image gallery.

    The picture will appear as a thumbnail and below the thumbnail is a link to the picture. Click in the link to place the cursor there and press CTRL and "a" at the same time to highlight the link. Then right click with the mouse and select "copy".

    Now you can create a new post in this forum and insert the link by right clicking and selecting "Paste".

    Thats it. If you wish to create a link to the entire gallery then copy the link in the web browser address bar and paste it into the posting.

    As an example here is a link to my gallery:

    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here