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Need help locating metric set screws

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  • Need help locating metric set screws

    I need to find some M9 x 1.0 set screws for the tool holders on my 12 x 36 lathe. These are used to adjust the height of the tool holder. I can get the tap but can't find the screws.

    Thanks >>>Ron
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    Wonder why they used that non-standard size ... How would you feel about drilling out the metric threads and tapping your tool post for a more standard set screw, maybe a 7/16 - 20 ?


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      Try a company called;
      " Mr. Metric "
      they usually have weird stuff and good stuff
      Green Bay, WI


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        KBC, Travers, and J&L Industrial all sell metric fasteners.


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          you have absolutely no chance to find M9x1.0 screws. M9 screws are only made on special request for company planning to make money selling sparts parts. Did you know a new project where M9 will fit and M10 not !!

          much more, M9 has a normal pitch of 1.25, pitch of 1.0 for M9 is a special pitch !!!

          M9x1.0 taps are made to repair M8x1.0 threads.

          Are you shure you are not speaking of 3/8"-24 screws ??

          The only way i found to solve your problem is to make your own screws starting with square piece of steel. You have then a square head, much more pleasant to use

          my 2 (Euro) cents



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            Thanks for all your answers. I am going to use 3/8 x 24 in all my new tool blocks. Easy to find and I have the tap.
            I know about special threads. I have a gage that checks the throat (lands) depth in rifles. It uses a fired case that is tapped 5/16 x 36. Each rifle needs one of these cases. I found the tap and can make my own. The company charges $6.95 to do each one.

            Cheers >>>Ron
            Freedom is not free