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OT How do search engines find a web site?

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  • OT How do search engines find a web site?


    I hope you all don't mind me asking a web question on this site. It seems the people here are very practical and multitalented which means my questions are answered with simplicity. With that being said.......

    I was wondering how search engines find a web site. Can certain codes be included in the website's html files that would help?


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    The web pages are offered to each search engine via subscription or submittal.

    I have submitted my webpages to each of the engines.

    If you do not submit them, they will not find your page.

    There are companies that just submit your page to all the popular search engines for a fee.


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      I do web page design and run a web server which serves about 10 different sites. I have one main link page that is already listed in the search engines. The search engines run a program known as a "spider" that continually seeks out links on pages and follows them to find more pages. A search engine like Google ranks pages according to how many other pages link to a page. The more links, the higher a page will rank.

      As an example, this is one of my most popular pages and has links to it all over the web. If you search google on karelian beardogs you get this: oogle+Search&meta=

      This first hit is the website I did for the breeders.

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        Look here


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          Save your money next time. A new site will eventually get into the indexes. It takes about a month. All you have to do is enter the URL in a web explorer a few times a week.
          I refused to pay $29 for mine and it showed up in the same amount of time that they promise. They must do the same thing and theirs takes about a month or two also. It's just another way of pulling cash out of your pockets.
          Give the URL to all your friends and have them do it too. It'll show up in no time.


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            Easy, have it listed as a sex site.


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              I have never paid to list my sites..

              Thinking back, not listed one since I used to use webcrawler and MSN as my search engines. AT that time they had a submit link on the bottom of the search page.

              My pages are not found nowadays unless I direct someone to them.. I have a hit counter on them. Of course, I mostly just post pictures on my url to sell items via html on ebay. Now they allow one picture, others you have to post yourself.