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V-Belt lengths for Rockwell 14" metal/wood band saw?

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  • V-Belt lengths for Rockwell 14" metal/wood band saw?

    I just got a smoking deal on a really nice, model 28-300. It is the model with a gearbox built into the lower casting that allows blade speeds from approx. 80 to 3000 FPM.
    After a bit of elbow grease, I was pleasantly surprised to find a virtually new saw under the years of grime.
    Originally, these saws came with two v-belts, that were a "matched" set (part# 49-111). Mine only has the shorter of the two belts on it, allowing me to only use it in the gear-reduced speeds. This is fine for now, as ferrous metal cutting is primarily what I wanted the saw for. I would, however like to have both belts.
    I have scoured the internet to no avail, trying to find some info regarding the actual belt lengths in this matched set. Even the various power tool parts websites have been showing the part as discontinued and unavailable.
    As common as these saws are, I have got to believe that someone has been in the same boat, and taken the initiative to figure out the belt lengths required. If nobody knows the answer, I will just have to take the time to sit down and figure it out. I figured it was worth asking the gang first!


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    A quick hint Stretch your Yo Yo (1/2" steel tape) around the appropriate pulleys, and go from there.
    Hth Ag


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      Tons of adjustment in the motor, small belt AP 39. Large belt AP-56,
      AP-57, AP-58.

      This somewhat important, if the saw is not in use, take the tension off the blade.
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        I solved the belt length problem years ago by getting a box of Fenner Power Twist link belts. They last really well, run quiet, and eliminate the whole issue of trying to find or measure belts.

        Frank Ford