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Annular cutters on a mill ?

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  • Annular cutters on a mill ?

    Is it okay to use annular cutters intended for magnetic drills on a mill ? Is anybody doing this ?

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    They work great but a little caveat: a 3/4 R8 collet in the spindle taper isn't capable of transmitting the torque needed to drive the larger annular cutters to capacity. Also the setscrew of an endmill adapter isn't located properly to engage the flat on an annular cutter's shank.

    So yes, annular cutters can be used on a turret mill but the commonly available spindle tooling doesn't quite match up to the cutter shank.


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      Thanks Forrest. My mill drill has MT4 taper. Should be okay for most tasks.


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        Forrest is right,they can and do slip unless you feed them gingerly.

        However proper holders in R-8 are availible,not cheap,but worth it.

        KBC# 7-982-500


        KBC# 7-980-400 is a MT#3 holder.
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          I have used them without problems. They are awesome to watch.


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            The annular cutter is not in the pic, but that is what I used.



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              Coolant Infuser

              I use them all the time. The upside is the finished hole is closer to size and more round than a drilled hole. If you are going to use them a bunch, get the R-8 to Annular adaptor that is a coolant infuser . It turns on the coolant when the center pint touches the part and turn it off as soon as the plug drops out. The good news is the fact the annular cutters take less horsepower for the size of hole. The down size is the quantity of nasty swarf that is generated. I use 2 inch diameter cutters in a 3/4 inch collet when only doing a few and don't want to fuss with the coolant set-up. Lastly don't be cheap with the cutting fluid/coolant.