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  • Advertisment in the Mast Head.

    What do you think about the vices that are in the advertisements for Glacern Machine Tools? I am needing a smaller vice they look pretty good. Or should I just go ahead and buy a Kurt.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    Sol, the Glacern guy, posts as Glacern on this bbs - PM him and see what he thinks.


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      If and when I need a vise I would buy one from Glacern. The price is very attractive, the standard vise (6inch jaw} opens to 8.9 inches, the specs are quite good and shipping reasonable. JIM


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        I just bought the GSV-690 model. It appears to very well made, very precise. It comes with an inspection sheet detailing the measured tolerance values versus the maximum allowable. All were well within specs.

        So far I am happy with the purchase.

        My only complaint (and it's minor) there was still some swarf in some of the hard to reach recesses of the vise. I need to do a thorough cleaning, but as tight as some of the bolts are, I am not sure just how much disassembly I will be able to do.