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Love the smell of oil in the morning

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  • Love the smell of oil in the morning

    Been out of work for the better part of a week lately, wife has been ill. Stayed home with her Friday through this a.m..

    Hit me when i got to work. Opened the door of the shop on the cool morning, barely light, warm inside. A home filled with Potpourri and the Yankee candles, and the smell of cooking (by me, which was a good thing)......Ok, good enough, but homey and comforting, kind of Norman rockwell, but alas something missing. Outside in the cool air, a smell of fall unique to New England is starting, a great smell, but alas, my soul unfilled none the less.

    Passed by CNC Mill, barely noticing at first, but then I feel it. Walk on, the smell of the manual lathe and mill lines, the heavy smell of Way oils weighing in the air. Into the grinder room, the light but aeromatic smell of hydraulic oil and more trimsol. I am home, and my eyes and soul perk up, a quicker step this provides.

    Alas, just had to do it. Oiled up the lathe machine with the way oil, that beautiful heavy smell - like a perfume that only a person with the addiction could understand. The slickness on the machine, the feel so light to the touch on the handles, nothing like a finely tuned and well oiled machine. Loaded up and turned a 1 inch diameter piece of 1214 steel, HSS cutting bit, instead of carbide, Just for effect. Then a .050 depth of cut, Feed perfect, apply the black oil.....a a fine wisp of smoke appears, hanging over the work. The smell of cutting oil working as it should, metal and the oils from the heated and cut stock coating waft through the air......My warm coffee beside me, Just tastes better all of the sudden from the normal tasteless "mud' the local store sells. The good stuff the coffee is right now, the crisp sound of chips, and the smells of the oil, smoke, and coolant......Big inhale, but not to be dangerous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

    I love the smell of coolant and oil and heated metal in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing like it!!!!!!!!!

    Is there something wrong with me????????

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    not unless being happy is wrong


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      Your writing sure expresses the feeling. Right on!!! I hope your wife is well!


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        Pretty romantic stuff.
        What did you say you were smoking when you were home?

        Just kidding; honing oil is one of my favorite smells.


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          My wife never complains when those smells waft up from the basement. But, she still insists I have a shower before...
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            Hope the "Boss" is better.

            Yes, there is something wrong with you - you enjoy your work. In this day and age, that is out of the norm. A freak of nature, as it is.

            Better to be a freak of nature, than a freakin' idiot - I always say. Pass the oil...


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              Hope the better half is on the mend!

              Like I always tell people,Machinists don't bleed,we leak oil
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                As elegant and heartfelt description of the joys of going to work as I can ever remember reading.

                I just don't understand the bit about the coffee .......Now if it were 'Best Yorkshire Tea', with a topping of 7% fat Jersey milk (unpastuerised naturally!) and 3 heaped spoons of unbleached cane sugar in a big pot mug.... I could understand!



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                  Park a harley in a room, Used to be my living room. (people love to steal harleys from A-holes) The smell of the hot metal, the oil, the gasoline vapors coming off the tank.

                  Smells like fun. My machine shop is next to a wooded section, I can't smell the oils in there for the rotting leaves, woods smells.

                  Tattooing, well you don't want any smells at all. I was tattooing a lil blue rabbit running into a girls rectum inside her butt cheek, all the time while tattooing I kept thinking.. "she is going to poot".. If they smell too bad, I hit the with the listerine smell, that kills germs that cause bad smells on contact. (job hazards)

                  A tattoo shop has it's own clean smell, surgical soap, listerine, green alcohol. When you get drunk and pass out, the waking moments make you think you are in a hospital thou.

                  Ever notice how when you have a hangover, you can smell the neighbor cooking up greasy bacon and eggs, even smell the pepper they put on them. WHY? is it the dehydration?


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                    Ah yes and add a couple of adoring dogs tucked in various corners and you have nirvana.

                    Neil Peters
                    Neil Peters

                    When on the hunt, a broken part is better than no part at all.