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    I have a website offering PDF and DXF files for 4 woodenclocks. I notice there is a lot of interest from CNC machine builders in using the plans for their projects.
    The PDF files contain the detail drawings for the clocks and these are free.
    The site has been in existance for a number of years and has been used by countless machinists as the starting point for the design and machining of the clocks.

    Hope you enjoy


    Brian Law
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      Thank you very much for the links to your page

      You must have put a lot of work into these plans and to give them away for free is very generous.

      I am surprised that more replies haven't been received.

      Have you thought about a wooden flue jab, that should attract a lot of interest, or a box to store red dust?


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        Just downloaded your clock plans, very interesting site, thank you!



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          Very nice clocks,thank you for sharing the plans!
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            i bookmarked your web site. i'm a member of the National Assoc. of Watch and Clock Collectors in the USA and some day i'd like to build a wooden clock.

            andy b.
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              You have a great page. The designs look good and the renderings are fantastic. Nothing like being able to see it and check it before you build it. I have always wanted to try a wooden clock.

              But if you'll allow me, do you have any photos of the clocks built somewhere on your site?

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