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Dake Press, manual to auto???

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  • Dake Press, manual to auto???

    Just purchased a manual 75H Dake press on auction. No one there to represent it or explain its condition.

    Has a high pressure hose run to the top of the press casting and a low pressure hose run into the bottom, both into exsisting openings in the casting.

    No pump with the press, or sign of one mounted to the frame, just the added hoses.

    Has any one converted a manual hydraulic press to an automatic? Just wondering about the complexity of the procedure, items needed, and the effectiveness of the end result.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If by automatic, you mean putting an electric (or pneumatic) pump on the your press, I've done it.

    No real tricks to it. All you need is a suitable pump and a valve to operate the cylinder. Since it has a pressure hose to retract the cylinder a four way valve will be needed.

    First thing is to determine the operating pressure to develop the 75 tons force. Find out the cylinder bore and do the math.

    If it turns out the pressure needed is over 3,000 psi or so, pumps/valves start to get expensive. Make sure all hoses are rated to the pump's output pressure.

    Might also be a good idea to check the condition of cylinder's seals before investing a bunch of money. It makes me suspicious why the hand pump is missing from the press, possibly the cylinder or seals are bad? If you have a small porta power pump it could be used to test the cylinder for function and leakage ( those pumps usually don't have enough fluid capacity to completely extend a big cylinder though).


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      Dake Press

      I have a manual 75 ton Dake and it needs 6,500 psi to get 75 ton ,on it the pump is built in the side of the resivor , the piston is 6" dia.


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        The hand pump is on the cylinder as it should be, sorry for the confusion.

        The presence of the hoses leads me to believe a "porta power" type pump may have been used.

        There is some oil on the outside of the cylinder, not sure how much is from the press being laid down for transport.

        Thanks for your help,