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I want to support local retail, but prices are insane sometimes

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    I don't post a lot as I rarely have anything that can add to the various discussions, but this one hits a nerve with me. I like all of us have to stretch every dollar as far as I can at home and in my business, so I tend to really think things through before I buy. I buy on line when I have to, but I try to decide is it really cheaper? Has McMaster Carr ever sent a customer my way? Not a chance, but the local bearing shop that get 30-40% more on $20-50.00 orders sure has, and one good job pays for a decade of difference for me. On top of that the guy that runs the place send his kids to the same school as my kids and keeps an eye out for mine, as I do his. Has any internet concern done that or anything meaningful to me or my community other than save me a few friggin dollars? Not to mention the tax dollars and salary dollars that these companies put back into my town. Not so much the online seller that I am aware of. I have no issue with the online world as I sell in that realm as well, but it should be the exception, not the rule as far as I am concerned.
    What will you do when your customers figure out that they can get your same product or service cheaper online or form an illegal or another country?
    When I am on my deathbed what will be more important? Did I buy everything the cheapest or did I spend my money and time wisely? I don't know about all of you but it is rare in my life that cheaper is really better. I may be wrong, but I believe that if you support your community it will support you and the reverse should be true as well.
    I apologize in advance if this rant offends anyone.


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      I don't see why anyone should be upset or angry if different sellers charge different prices. It is a free economy and YOU ARE FREE TO SHOP AROUND. So do that and buy where you think best for the price you like.

      Support your local merchants or go for the best prices - your choice. And isn't it wonderful that we have a choice. It's a lot better than the health industry.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

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      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        Originally posted by airbrush1
        I would like to buy locally but have gotten tired of driving into town to local businesses and they almost always tell me ..........

        "We can order it for you."
        My response to that comment is "So can I".

        And I do.



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          I've always said that a really good hardware/auto parts store has a licsence to print money. Sure they charge more, but often you have to ask what is your time and trouble worth. If I need a couple of 1/2" carraige bolts I can run to the hardware store and be back home in ten to fifteen minutes tops. Going to the local Big Box is going to kill an hour at least. Besides remember, they're running a business, not a CHARITY
          Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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            Auto parts stores around here are looking to go broke if you have to special order anything.

            I need some new suspension bushings for my tahoe - went to a local 4wd shop I used to deal with to ask what they would cost through them, after stating what I could buy them for online. They quoted me the same price, then added shipping (and then the state adds tax on that), then said it would be at least 2 days after payment.

            WTF? Do they not get it? If I have to pay the same price, and tax, I'm getting it shipped to my door and the phone call will be going to someone else's business. Margins might be small, but no one is giving away merchandise for the pleasure of running a transaction. I'd think some money would be better than no money - especially when the entire transaction involves writing two part numbers into a system and swiping the card. I already knew what I needed, I didn't need them to help me determine that (no value added).

            My LWS will beat web prices when he can, and gladly defers the sale if he can't. I don't beat him up on prices, because I like that he's there. These other outfits can stuff it since they have no intention of making both of us come out at the end.