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Clausing Vari Speed Lathe Advice Needed

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  • Clausing Vari Speed Lathe Advice Needed

    Quiet some time back, I was given a 12 x 36 Clausing Vari speed lathe. I've been slowly trying to address several issues it had and then some family issues got in the way and that project got put on the back burner.

    Anyway, the last time the lathe was under power and subsequently turned off, the speed control was left at about the 650 RPM level. This may well have been because the hydraulic line from the speed unit down to the mechanism that attaches to the motor had developed a leak and was repaired by a liberal application of electrical tape. I've put a new hose on so that issue should be put to bed.

    What I need to know is once I've got all the places that need lube topped off, e.g. headstock, saddle, and the vari speed, how do I proceed to get the speed control back to the lowest level?
    John B

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    I can tell you this, don't try to change the speed without the motor running. Interesting and expensive things can happen. If you remove the belt and then try to get the hydraulic system working it would be better. I have worked on them and I don't like them but you've got it so fix it and live with it.
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      JR, I have the 12" version of that lathe. There is a plate on it near the speed control that says to re-calibrate the speed you start the motor and turn the dial to the lowest speed, holding it there for 30 sec. On my latthe it takes more like a minute, but it works. As previously stated, keep your hands off the speed dial if the motor is off.

      You can get a manual from Clausing for 25 bucks, not a bad deal if you
      need general info about the lathe, or are making repairs.



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        Thanks for the feed back guys. I'm more of the see and learn versus read and learn type. But I'll give it a try. I know NOT to mess with the speed control if the machine is off.
        John B